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CHAPTER 4 : BRAIN AND MIND --- The Many Brains and Rebirthing

The development from animal man to human man neocortex-limbic-cerebellum-human-brain-diagram.jpg
presupposes the understanding and transformation of brain and mind which the religions called spiritual rebirth. To understand this rebirth, and consciously participate in it, you need only look to the structure of the human brain. It is made up of three parts: neocortex, limbic system, and cerbelleum/brain stem.

  1. The body consciousness and the force of attention is situated in the brain stem and the cerebellum. You activate it by discovering verticality as by yoga and martial arts. Only when the spinal column is erect is attention liberated.

  2. The Limbic system is the affective memory of the soul, based on repetition of pleasure and avoidance of pain, the unconditioned or conditioned. If one point of the reflex arc is affected, the whole arc starts to unfold leading either to repetition or avoidance. From this system arises discursive consciousness with the distinction of good and bad, right and wrong, by which people can be manipulated. Affective memory (joys, humiliation, etc.) is not a library as once thought, it is more like a discotheque.

  3. The neocortex, evolved, is fourfold, verifiable by the four brain currents:

cat-scan-human-head-brain.jpgBeta 16-32 hz Waking
Alpha 8 -16 hz Reflection
Theta 4 - 7 hz Dream
Delta 2 - 3 hz Sleep and Attention
The frontal Lobes of the brain are the home of deep sleep where the brain waves cycle between 2 to 3 hertz, the Delta waves. Ironically, it is also the home of Attention, alternating between Observation and Memory. Attention is the door to awareness. When real AWARENESS takes place, observation and memory, time and space, merge. In Yoga the center of the frontal lobe is called the third eye. The practice "tratak" of looking steadily at a single point of an object, like a flower, until you really see, is intended to bring about this merger.
Attention is based on the emptiness of deep sleep. So in that sense you can only memorize and observe events happening between 2 to 3 Hertz. Sleep and attention are connected. Attention captures the Power of CHI, the flow of indescribable cosmic energy. Attention is the creative capacity of the strange attractor. It can unite what is clearly apart: YES and NO, as the frontal lobes alternate between observation and memory.
The Right Brain is the home of dreams where the brain waves cycle between 4 to 7 hertz, the Theta waves. Dreams are based on chaos with its four attractors. The deep dream state or R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) state also typically includes some strong Alpha brain wave activity.
During the course of a night's sleep you go through all of the four basic states of consciousness in cycles. You go from waking, to half waking reflection, then into deep sleep, then into dream, then back into waking for a brief moment, to groggy reflection again, deep sleep, then dream again. This cycle repeats five times in an eight hour sleep period. In each cycle the REM stage grows progressively longer.
REM means reestablishing the mental equilibrium. It is a precondition to acting freely the next day. Note for instance that the Alpha waves that appear with the REM Theta waves are stronger than the Alpha waves which typically appear in waking consciousness. Dreams are important. You need to follow your own dreams, not the dreams of others.
The Hind or Occipital Brain is the home of Reflection with brain wave cycles between 8 to 16 hertz. These are the Alpha Waves. They are produced when in a state of Reflection or deep thought. Reflection has two directions in the hind brain: changing words and number into mental images, or changing images and events into words and number. It is the uniquely human function, the emphasis on which distinguishes us from the animals. This is the place in the brain where you might carry a picture of The Wheel. The Alpha waves of 12 hertz are also produced when people have peak experiences of Cosmic Consciousness, Nirvana, Satori, Heavenly Bliss and the like.
frontal-occiptial-left-right-human-brain.gifThe Left Brain is the home of Sensing where the brain waves cycle between 16 to 32 hertz. Reaching 16 hertz, the lowest C in music, we attain the electromagnetic window: seeing transversely 3800 - 7600A, from violet to red, or hearing longitudinally from 16 - 20,000 hertz.
The way from left brain to right brain creates science and experience, the way from right brain to left brain, vision, revelation and creativity. The goal is all four sides.
METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: There are many exercises to develop the different brains and therewith liberate the mind. A pioneer in this field is the American psychologist, Jean Houston. She has written many books on this subject, such as The Possible Human and Mind Games. One exercise originally developed by Jean Houston which has proven to be very effective involves exploration of the four neocortex brain centers. You start with an image evocative of the left brain, then invoke an image of the hind brain, then the right brain, and end with the front brain which gives you a kind of summation message of what you should do. You always begin such sessions with a deep relaxation exercise where all tensions are released and you imagine yourself in a different, pleasant place. The mind is then free to imagine and visualize.
In the exercise of the four sides of the neocortex, after relaxation, you are asked to visualize your self on the main shopping street of the town in which you live. Then you are told to visualize an alligator or crocodile on the street. What do you do? This imagery brings you into the left brain. You give yourself two minutes to fully visualize your reaction. For some the visualization comes directly. For others they hear what happens in their head, and they must then transform the words into visual symbols. A few people begin with a kinesthetic feeling, a sense of touch, and they must transform that into words, then visions, or directly into visions. The responses which people imagine will tell them something of their left brain.
The next hind brain image involves imagining yourself standing in front of an actual mirror which you know. What age are you? How are you dressed? Do you like your appearance? Then you are asked to step through the mirror into the other side. What happens when you visualize this? What do you see, what happens to you, what do you do? Again you give yourself two minutes to fully experience the imaginations which come.
The third right brain image requires you to imagine yourself standing as a cross roads in a forest. Then you hear a horse approaching. From which direction does come? How many roads have you imagined. When the horse comes into view you see that it has a cloaked rider. What color is the horse, the cloak? He rides up to you and you see that the rider is a skeleton. The skeleton carries a goblet which he hands to you to drink? What do you do? What happens then? Again give yourself a few minutes to fully imagine your reaction to the last detail.
The last front brain image involves imagination of a mountain. What does it look like? On the side of the mountain you see a great house. You walk towards it. What does it look like? Then you go through the front door of the house and walk into a great hall. There is a large table in the hall with a bowl of fruit on it. What does the hall look like, the table, the bowl of fruit? Is anyone else there with you? You pick up one of the fruits and you eat it. What happens? Give yourself three or four minutes for this last vision, then slowly the guide leads you back to normal reality and asks you to open your eyes.
In group work this exercise is normally followed by people sharing their visions with each other under the questioning of a group leader. This is one way to use guided imagery so that the Self can speak to the ego, the unconscious can become conscious.
ego-self-consciousness-chart.jpgYou can educate the brain up to a certain level. However, for average consciousness the corpus callosum is insurmountable. Waking reflection and dream-sleep are beyond reach in associative turmoil. The conscious ego is cut off from the larger transpersonal Self. The left and right brains are blocked, with the left brain usually dominating and creating an artificial symmetry. Thee is no inner coherence which includes everything, including chaos and the unpredictable. The person is either imprisoned in the social consensual reality of a constricted left brain view, a false little coherence with poor creativity, depth and perspective. Or they are lost in vague imaginations of right brain madness with poor focus, clarity and purpose. The waking-reflecting person does not know the sleeping-dreamer. With the two sides of the person disassociated, it is not possible for health, holistic coherence and spiritual development to progress. The separation of the brains has to be overcome; the dreamer and doer must become one.
brain3.gifFor the average person today awareness is stunted because they are trapped in the left brain.(3) Illness then results from the stagnation of too much order and not enough chaos and emotion; too much Day left brain, occipital brain and ego, and not enough Night right brain, frontal brain and Self.
We cannot just use our left brain faculties to develop our right brain. The corpus callosum is not so easily overcome. The only sure route from the left brain to the right brain is down through the body. The development of body Awareness allows an escape from left brain dominated consciousness, guiding you to the black Zero. There inspiration comes from your whole brain, springing forth a new iteration, your unique path at that time to fractal order.
Consciousness is in the Head, Awareness is in the Whole Body. In order to experience and live in Awareness we have to shift the emphasis from ego in the head, to Self in the belly. The lower stomach is the center of movement situated at the level of the Sacrum, the "sacred bone", also called the "Hara". This is why whole body awareness - the critical first step on the path of Wisdom of knowing your body - must be attained by all who would fulfill their full human potential - use all parts of their brain.
three-minds-ego-being-self.jpgThe Brain-Mind is the slowest; the Heart and Blood Mind is quicker; but the Belly-Sacrum Mind is the quickest. In crises, the Body-Mind takes over. This is why the Sufi tradition used to force a man into a crisis, a mortal danger, in order to force a shift from the left brain into body Awareness.
Example: You are driving a car fast around a corner. You see a truck stopped in the road. You can barely pass. Immediately the Brain and Affective Mind stop. The Body Mind takes over, you instantly swerve, and you pass the truck by a few inches. At a certain distance you stop. Your Affective Mind, your heart, starts beating quickly and you visualize what could have happened. Five minutes later the Brain Mind takes over: Why did that bastard stop in that place without putting a sign up before the curve? If you had tried to drive with your Brain mind, you would be dead already. The survival instinct violently shifted you from your normal abode in the Brain Mind, into the Belly Mind.
METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: There are two ways to shift the emphasis from Head to Body: the violent shift by crises and mortal danger employed for instance by the Sufis; and the non-violent shift by body awareness and creation of a Kinesthetic Body from Chaotic Imagination. This is the second step on the Wisdom path of creation of the energy body. The violent methods are too dangerous, and so we focus on the non-violent methods developed originally by the Indians and the Chinese.
There are literally hundreds of such methods. Among the best are the Hatha Yoga exercises from the Indian tradition. All of the physical disciplines basically involve body exercises, stretching, body awareness, breathing exercises, attention focusing, energy awareness and stimulation, and various meditation techniques. They are designed to develop awareness and mastery of the body first of all, and then to develop and balance subtle body energies, called Chakras by the Indians, and CHI by the Chinese.
Knowing your body, and creating an energy body, are the first two steps on the Wisdom path. Your study of this book/web should be accompanied by some type of body and energy work, otherwise the full meaning of the concepts in this compendium will never become clear. The ideas presented presuppose an experience of body/energy Awareness, considered by most to be an "altered state of consciousness". Without this background and experience with the body and the soul, you will not be able to make sense of many of the ideas. Isolated development of the spirit alone, without a solid foundation in the body and soul, is simply not possible.
Help in this area is now readily available . In almost any community you can find meditation groups of all kinds, humanistic and transpersonal psychologists and psychiatrists with expertise in this field, Yoga teachers and teachers of the soft martial arts like Tai Chi, and the hard arts like Kung Fu, Karate, etc., and doctors of Oriental Medicine, Holistic Medical Doctors and massage therapists. Unlike traditional Western medicine which mechanistically focuses on body parts for health, oriental medicine, and some holistic western medicine and massage, are primarily concerned with bioenergies. They are concerned with maintaining health through proper energy flow using acupuncture, massage and the like.
Try a few of the well known experiments with friends from the Eastern martial arts traditions. These experiments may be able to provide you with some direct experience of CHI immediately. Only by experiencing CHI directly can you, for instance, ever really understand what is meant by referring to "space" as "original force". One well known experiment which is easy to try involves holding your arm outstretched, imagining a stream of light going through your fingers, without using any muscles. The imagination of the stream of energy flowing out your arm is the key to be focused on. Done intently, it will be next to impossible for another person to bend your arm. Try it, both with and without the stream of force. Then have another person stand in front of you with their arm outstretched. First test the muscular strength of their arm without their using the stream of energy technique. Now activate and move your Chi (the light force, mental beam of awareness, kinesthetic body). First move your Chi downwards, and while doing so again test the other's arm. Assuming they are not activating their own Chi, they will lose half of their muscular strength and you will be able to bend their arm without much effort. The same happens by moving the force in both hands counter clockwise. To give strength, move the kinesthetic beam upwards or clockwise. You will have to exert greater force at the beginning to bend their arm.
Another experiment requires a group of people who have been sitting together for sometime. Stand in front of a tired audience. Tell them to relax, letting all preoccupations and sadness go into the ground. With closed eyes have them imagine their feet sinking into the center of the Earth. Then have them slowly move the tremendous forces in the center of the earth up to the ground level. When they have done that, tell them to open their eyes. Then facing the audience, and holding a rock crystal in both hands, move your hands together in front of you from waist level up to just above your eye level. Tell them that they are now surrounded by a mandala of force. The audience will now be attentive. Only that which is really part of the Self, centered in what the Japanese call Hara, will remain. This follows the concept of the Inca religion: Good is what is connected to your center (the Self point below the navel), Bad is what is not connected (like cancer in the body). You have to abandon the unconnected through time-light, and restore the pristine purity of reconnection to Self.
Since the violent methods of awakening the self are so dangerous, the Indians and Chinese developed a nonviolent "Ahimsa", "Wu Wei" method: to create links, called the Chakras or CHI, between the body and mind brains. One of the best introductions to the Indian way was written in 300 B.C. by Patanjali in his classic text, Yoga Sutras, but we will describe them in modern brain-mind terminology.
During waking life the day is divided roughly into three periods of 8 hours: work (Spirit), social life (Soul) and sleep/dream (Body). The body is formed during the embryonic stage, and sleep means getting back into regeneration.
As a well known Buddhist prayer says: "Let me see my face before I was born." This means that the embryonic development stage of our life has to be integrated with our adult life. We have to go back into the womb and recall our earliest memories through a process called "rebirthing".
Rebirthing is a necessary precondition to complete a non-violent shift to the Body-Mind. Without it you can never fully develop and balance the chakras, or create a unified field of all components in Awareness. Rebirthing goes beyond the normal field of recollection of early childhood memories normally addressed in psychoanalysis. Rebirthing goes further back to the pre-verbal memories, to memories of birth, pre-natal life in the womb. It goes all the way back to the original orgasmic moment of conception.
A truly liberating rebirthing experience requires a basic understanding of the biology of the development of the body. We need to understand the discoveries of science in this area to have full recall and visualization. We need to understand the process of Mitosis, from the original union of sperm and egg to early childhood development. We also need to comprehend the significance of the seven stages of Mitosis, and its relation to our perceptive awareness, and the unified energy field. This essential knowledge is summarized in the following chart:
Spirit Mind Soul Mind Body Mind:
7 Speak 7 Spirit 1 Fecundation Neocortex
6 Read 6 Soul 2 Polarization Limbic
5 Touch 5 Body 3 Organization Brain Stem
4 Hear 4 Willing 4 Circulation
3 Taste 3 Feeling 5 Metabolism Birth
2 Smell 2 Think 6 Breathing
1 Seeing 1 Sense 7 Moving
There are seven stages of development:

  1. Fecundation. A single sperm, one of 500 million ejaculated, is accepted by the female egg.

  2. Polarization. The 23 male and 23 female chromosomes meet at the equator and blend to form the original cell. An average size human cell has about the same number of molecules as an average size human brain has cells. The fertilized human egg cell shown below has even more molecules.

  3. Organization. The cell divides according to the law of the octave, 1 - 2 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128 ....., up to about 54 divisions, then the organism is complete. By about four months all organs have been formed and simple growth begins. Actual photographs are shown below of the human embryo at the 2, 4 and 8 cell stages.
  4. In the first two to three weeks the three basic layers are formed in the embryonic tissue:
    Entoderm: Inner Organs, Inner layer
    Mesoderm: Tendon and Muscles, Middle layer
    Exoderm or Ectoderm: Sense Organs, Outer layer
    One of the three embryonic layers tends to dominate in a person from this earliest stage. The dominant layer may later determine the preponderance of a person's temperament. An Entoderm dominant person will invite people for a good dinner, a Mesoderm person to jogging or mountain climbing, and an Exoderm person to listen to a concert.
  5. Circulation. At five to six weeks, when the embryo is no more than three fifths of an inch long, the heart begins to beat. The heart beats continuously, uninterrupted, until we die. Here an embryo is shown at about five and one half weeks. The big protrusion between the flipper and the head is the heart.

  6. Metabolism. At about eight weeks, when the embryo is one inch long, weighing two and one half grams, metabolism starts in the embryo through the umbilical cord connection with the mother's metabolism. The embryo floats weightlessly in warm amniotic fluid, nourished from the outside, in a state of bliss. Recollection of this earliest time in your life is quite pleasant, however, for most the recollection of the birth process which follows is not. Here is a picture of a fetus at about eight weeks.

  7. Birth. After nine months of blissful growth, the organism is ready for birth which comes in three stages:
  8. a. Contractions
    b. Birth
    c. First breath
    All three stages are painful and thus their recollection in the rebirthing process is frequently not pleasant. Still, remembering this pain frees you from it, and sets the stage for further development.
    The ejection from the womb is intense and frightening, particularly the initial stage of contractions, before movement down the birth canal begins. The contractions produce visions of hell. Compression down the birth canal to birth produces visions of the fall from the amniotic paradise. When you recall the first breath, you also recall the tearing open of the bronchial. Also, at the moment of birth the "foramen ovale" closes and the two chambers of the heart separate. The first painful breath and heart break is the threshold of rebirth. The rebirthing experience, like most all tribal initiations, necessarily involves the acceptance of intentional suffering.
  9. Movement. Once out the baby starts coordinating the senses by movements. By about the third month after birth the senses are acclimated to the new external environment.

    For rebirthing to succeed the fear of pain must be overcome. The same is true of life itself. Otherwise fear will prevent you from starting the backward journey within. In this way many people are trapped by fear into living their whole life in one little corner of their brain.

METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: General reflection and imagination of your original conception and Mitosis and birth is possible and safe by visualizing the above described stages. Listen to PrimaSounds and try and recollect your earliest memories as a baby or child, then imagine from there backwards to the initial conception. Then reverse the sequence and visualize in greater detail the seven stages going to the point of birth and first movements and sensual orientation.
Deep intense recollection in this way, without the aid of a trained facilitator, is possible but unlikely unless you are gifted in this area. But you can at least get a feel for it on your own. Recollection of these memories requires a deep hypnotic state and a trained assistant to assist and to make the psychic pain sometimes involved more tolerable. In many communities persons trained in rebirthing techniques can be found, however, you may find wide discrepancies in usage of the term "rebirthing" and confusion as to its meaning.
We can only go from Consciousness to Awareness at a certain stage in development.

  1. Child: The child is primarily in the right hemisphere, dream phantasy, play and imagination.

  2. Student: Most people grow up out of the Child stage, shift to the left brain, and enter the Student stage. In involves schooling where you learn the local cultural consensus.

    The problem is, most people never get out of the Student stage. They are always trying to adapt at the expense of their personal motivations. They fit in and try to succeed. They lose touch with their own wishes, desires and motivations. They become what society or their parents want or expect them to be, not what they truly want to be. They never find their individuality and true inner essence, but live small selfish lives with a false ego identity, a little "I", not connected with their total Self, their potential role in the Universe. You could say they are asleep to life, hypnotized by the local cultural consensus. They are literally trapped in their left brain. To escape they must attain the third stage of the Master or Teacher.

  3. Master: The third stage is best understood in the context of the Artisan tradition, still present in many trades and professions today, with the three stages of Apprentice, Companion and Master. The first stage is the Apprentice who trains under a Master craftsman to learn the basics. He works under a Master or mentor as an unskilled assistant. The Companion is equivalent to the second stage. He has completed his apprenticeship, knows the trade, and typically works with a number of Master Artisans to learn more skills and refine those he already knows.

After you are well established and have complete mastery of your craft and your life, you become a Master, and have apprentices of your own.. This presupposes a return back to the right hemisphere with the left now fully developed and intact. A shift to the right brain before the left is strong and fully operational is premature and can not succeed. The Master has a strong ego, but the ego is fundamentally different than before. The ego has changed from a false self image into a functional organ. The ego becomes a persona for creative action, like teaching or some other form of service to humanity or the earth. The ego is now in touch with the Self, but is not selfish. The ego is no longer apart and alienated from others, but is identified with a transpersonal whole. It seeks to benefit all humanity by fulfillment of the person's unique potential, their true Ego, or big "I" connected with all others.
Being a Master is a personal decision. It cannot be taught. It has to be induced by another Master using subliminal method when that person is ready.
When you are in head centered ego dominated consciousness, you are functioning at the lowest level. It is equivalent to the ground state of the atom where all electrons are in the lowest energy position. To reach awareness and attain mastery you must increase your energy level. You do this by creating a kinesthetic body from out of chaotic imagination. The bioenergies then become a Vehicle of Awareness, a link with the total Self, the right brain and the Universe. Then the new "I" linked with All can develop, create and act. This is the path to reality - the fourth dimension - where the Mandelbrot formula applies for navigation through chaos.
spirit-mind-senses.jpgMETHODS/EXPERIMENTS: The creation of the kinesthetic body is a technique now widely used by top athletes in all sports from baseball, to golf, to swimming and skiing. It involves the use of imagination and mental visualization to perform a physical movement in your head before actually doing it. The imaginary performance actually triggers subtle muscle energy responses and so the name "kinesthetic" body. For a simple example try the following now: lift up your right arm, slowly, then lower it; now slowly lift it up again, and lower it again, and observe carefully the movement of your muscles when you do so; now lift up an imaginary right arm, slowly, visualizing it going up, then down again. Do this several times, first the real arm, then the kinesthetic arm, then switch arms. Then try other physical movements until you can imagine quite complicated movements as in sports. There are many books which contain lengthy kinesthetic body exercises described in detail; one of the best is again Jean Houston's book The Possible Human.

  1. As a child develops it first orients itself to the new world through its primary sense, vision, by moving its head and looking around. Throughout the rest of life a person's movement is directed by the sense of seeing. You look where you are going or you may stumble and fall. But the other senses are equally as important to full development as vision. The other senses also relate back to the original Mitosis and to the structure of consciousness.

  2. After seeing, the next sense is smelling. The breath is controlled by smelling, liberating thinking out of associations. In the Indian tradition the use of breath exercises to liberate thinking is called "Pranayama". All spiritual traditions employ some types of breathing methodologies to help quiet the inner dialogue and find energy.

    Both Vision/Sensing/Movement and Smelling/Thinking/Breathing belong to the left brain and are conscious. To progress further you have to cross the threshold into the womb, into Feeling. This requires the maturity and individuality of the Master.

  3. Feeling involves the sense of tasting which has four parameters: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Feeling is the capacity to accept suffering and death, overcoming guilt that we must all kill, consuming either or both animals and plants, in order to survive. Knowing the Native American "give away", getting into the spirit of service, enables you to overcome this guilt and to understand your impulses, wishes and motivations. Feeling is connected with the dream imagination of the right brain. When you cross the threshold you move from little ego to Self.

    Little ego starts with the point-like experience of birth and ends with physical death, if the link with Self is not established. This linking means spiritual rebirth. Your ego looks for success in job, family, ambition, etc. Your Self is moral, it wants to get back to and merge with the great Source, the Singularity.

  4. Circulation is tuned to your heartbeat. Hearing is the sense of mathematics and voice. You hear and remember tone sequences and spoken words. But hearing also touches silence and the intervals between the tones. From out of the intervals and silence, you develop attention, inner emptiness and Being. Meditation leads to the heart, and only the heart, the will, is linked to the divine Source, infinite - 0 - Awareness. Only through the heart and hearing are you able to get into the higher capacities. (0-4 relation in the dimensions).

  5. The faculty of organizing the body gives rise to the sense of touch. Through the proprioperceptive nerves you can sense your liver, your toes, every part of your body and therewith create greater shape and detail to the kinesthetic body.

  6. Instead of the polarization and union, the inner eye of the soul reads, interprets and establishes significations. It is the reading of meaning from events and symbols. The basic polarities inherent in symbolic communication and communion are expressed in the framework of the six original family relations:
    Mother and Father
    Sister and Brother
    Daughter and Son

    Somebody touching one of the archetypal relations will cause you to act beyond your personal motivations. You will be compelled to do so until you have integrated the postulates inherent in their structure and fulfilled that potential within yourself. The meaning of the six archetypical relations is shown in the following chart.
    Father Duty
    Mother Nurturing and Manners
    Sister Beauty
    Brother Courage
    Son Capability
    Daughter Satisfaction of Needs

  7. Fecundation and Gnosis are the same in old languages: Adam knew Eve, and the result was Abel. Only in speaking do you attain the spirit; thus the meaning of prayer is to attain inspiration, and therewith realize the full potential of the neocortex. Language anchored in the will overcomes the corpus callosum and liberates the bicameral mind.

    The center of all the different minds or chakras is the heart, Willing.
    Spirit 7 Waking
    Soul 6 Reflection
    Body 5 Dreaming
    Willing 4 Sleep/Attention
    Feeling 3 Dreaming
    Thinking 2 Reflection
    Sensing 1 Waking

The waking of sensing leads to force, waking of spirit to light, but the power of the heart chakra is the Voice. Through our voice we find and create our immortal being.
Through our voice and language, rooted in body Awareness, we can articulate who we really are. We can then act out our true role, our potential destiny. This is a matter of tuning our mind, our overall mood -- all seven energies or components of our mind. Thus the Way travels full circle, from little "I" - the disassociated ego - to Self, then back again to true individuality, the actualized being - Ego in tune with Self.
The Way no longer ends from ego to Self, but must travel on to individual fulfillment, the big "I" identified with the whole Universe. The individual expressing their unique potential through action in the World. The big "I" is thus equivalent to the Mandelbrot fractal which unites all of the other I's, the little ego Julia fractals, by Zero-God as the common source.
METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Try saying out loud the last two paragraphs several times. Try other favorite passages Reread other parts of this book, or another, out loud to yourself, or to one you love. Feel the power which can resonate from the verbalization and articulation of truth, or at least a close approximation thereof. Feel how it penetrates and resounds in your heart, how it links you to a higher force. Try singing to PrimaSounds, or to the individual PrimaTones at the end of the CDs.
Listen to the sound of your voice during the day when you are speaking in different circumstances. Notice how it sounds different at times of genuineness. Notice how at other superficial times it sounds mechanical, emotionless. By paying attention to your voice, truly hearing what you say to others on many levels and how it feels, you can be guided to your inner essence. Your own voice can tune you in to who you really are, and who you have the potential to become. What kind of speaking, to whom and in what circumstances, feels right to you, has the ring of wholeness and authenticity. What kind of speaking seems false and unreal.
All of the seven senses presented here can be guides if cleansed and intensified. There are many exercises to heighten the senses as for instance in The Possible Human and other books. A sense can be sharpened by focusing our attention on it over time. By exercises we can greatly enhance all of our perceptive abilities. Extra sensory perception, ESP, may well be a normal extension and amplification of our sensory capabilities. See for instance Michael Murphy's book, The Future of the Body.
Certainly the senses can extend beyond the physical realm into the energetical and mental. We all have the potential ability to sense energies, forces and powers as easily as the physical forms in the third dimension. Not simply the touch of hot or cold, but the perception of auras and taste of powers is possible. So too with training and effort we can come to vividly see ideas, touch and smell them. We can learn to speak ideas as a sensation of spirit, a direct experience, as opposed to speaking as an expression of an already apprehended idea. This may explains some, but not all of the so called "Channeling" phenomena.
The basic sensory phenomena, the basic fact underlying all theory, is our body. It is like an incredible computer, a work of art, in which we temporarily live. Our body is the most fantastic technology possible, far beyond our current technical understanding. Still, we know some things about the electronics of our systems which can help us to understand the place of number - 0 and 1 - in our body. This knowledge gives us clues on how to attain Awareness -- the Zero state.
It is now common knowledge that Zero and One are the basis of computers and the basis of our brain. In our brain the neuron synapse either fires an electrical impulse - 1 - or not - 0. This is the same way a computer works. The binary system is the essence of all number and information processing. This is the direct machine language of computers and the human brain. Above that there are many other types of higher languages; for example, for computers - assembly language, fortran, C, basic. For humans there are also many types of languages -- English, German, French, sign language, etc.
The higher languages serve as an intermediary between being and number. They control the computer, or brain binary, language. The computer translates the higher language commands, such as basic, down into direct machine language commands, on and off, to control the computer output. The central nervous system does the same thing for the body. The higher language commands, such as English, are translated into specific synaptic firings in the brain, to control what the body does.
The basic architecture of computers and human form is not that far apart. Just as computers have a basic operating system to handle the behind the scenes operations, for instance, DOS or Windows, humans also have a unconscious operating system to maintain the basic functions of the body, such as breathing, heart beat, digestion and other organ functions. In the body this is handled by the autonomic nervous system. In order to create a program for a computer which operates efficiently, you must know the operating system of the computer, which in itself is a program with its own language. For instance, to create an application programs for a personal computer you must know the Windows operating system language. The operating system is an essential intermediary which higher languages use to successfully translate into machine language - 0/1 - and run the computer.
The same thing applies to the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system, like Windows, must be known and mastered before you can master your body, and write your own life programs. The efficient link between being and number for human kind requires understanding and use of the autonomic nervous system.
As seen in Chapter One, language is important. It is the key to consciousness and the doorway to the mind. Language drives the central nervous system, makes us uniquely human, and allows us to program ourselves. But we must also pay attention to the bodies operating system, the unconscious. Esoteric traditions have always known that the autonomic nervous system is the key to Awareness and thus to spiritual development. The autonomic system is the doorway to the wisdom of the body. The body systems may be unconscious, and the autonomic nervous system may be outside "our control," that is, our ego control, but it is still a part of us, the holistic self. For this reason some people have learned to control some of the autonomic systems, and a few Yogis for instance, can slow down, or even stop, the heart for a short time.
The autonomic nervous system is divided into two parts: sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic system accelerates the twelve organ systems of the body with adrenaline. It is tuned to the left hemisphere of the brain -- the ego, time and waking consciousness. The parasympathetic system does just the opposite. It slows down the organs. It is tuned to the right hemisphere of the brain -- to self, space and dreaming.
The sympathetic design system connects the organs to the spinal cord horizontally. The spinal cord is related with one nerve to the cerebellum, and 20 nerves to the organ systems, through the twelve chest vertebrae and the five lumbar vertebrae. Thus in waking we are not just apprehending the real world, but are also processing the reactions of the organs. For that reason we naturally create the human environment in part as an organic projection. For example, we build kitchen's for our stomach, and toilet and sewer systems for our waste elimination organ system. Our skeleton is like our machines, our brain is like our computers. We build facilities like our liver for power and energy production, and our fashions are related to our skin and sensation system. We have to get in tune with our body and its twelve systems to understand our environment.
The slowing parasympathetic nervous system is only connected to the head nerves and to the sacrum. There are no connections with the vertebrae. The directive tenth nerve, vagus nerve, which actually changes it position over time and is thus known as the "wandering nerve," branches out to other organ systems. But the vargus nerve does this in a 1:1 relation, not 20:1 as in the sympathetic system. The deceleration side of the nerves is tied to the spiritual side of man. The quickening is tied to the material. For example, in the male sex organs, erection depends on the parasympathetic system, on romantic love. Ejaculation comes from the sympathetic system, from the movement of love making, from quickening.
Consciousness is inherently fragmented. It follows the numbers one to infinity. Awareness is holistic, unifying. It follows the number zero. Slowing down and quickening have a limit which leads to the same experience from two different directions. Slowing down the associations in Yoga creates a state of meditation. Quickening can lead to the greatest velocity, the speed of light, illumination. The slowing down is stopping, absolute zero, which again is illumination, but of a different character. As soon as you come to a full stop and reach complete silence and center, you are in the same place as the speed of light, and illumination will come by itself. This has been described by many Asian traditions and scientifically by transpersonal psychologists like Charles Tart. Thus Yin/Parasympathetic and Yang/Sympathetic blend in total awareness of Chi. With this blending a human can be totally awakened to both this and the next world.

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