The expression 'SACRED FRACTAL SCIENCE' is often used by scientists to include the religious, philosophical and spiritual beliefs that have evolved around FACTUAL GEOMETRY in cultures around the world during the course of human history. The science assumes that the universe is a living system kept together due to the existence of FRACTAL SCIENCE. It is also scientifically proven to be the blueprint of the manifestation of everything we know as the material universe.

The universe was designed so that it would be highly efficient and capable of performing multiple functions at the same time. Each dimension of the FRACTAL SCIENCE has a unique place in perceptual space and represents a context of learning in order to evolve personally and socially. When a new dimension appears, a new set of potentials and perceptions is awakened and we can either choose to accept it or ignore it. Understanding the dimensional structure that exists all around us allows us to perceive the path and direction of both personal and social evolution.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed and taught his theory according to which all mathematical patterns in the universe represented expressions of divine intelligence. According to him, organizational intelligence surrounds us as FRACTAL BLUEPRINT and it is shown in mathematical formulas and musical harmonies. This allows us to be at the center of our experience.

The theory was even sustained by Albert Einstein who said his greatest breakthroughs were received after praying and sleeping. It can be a way of explaining how a blind man is able to sculpt or a deaf person can be able to compose complex music, as Beethoven did. Plato was another Greek that sustained Pythagoras' theory and stated that the universe was a place of 'harmonious and beautiful order'. He placed such high regard for geometry that he placed above the door of his academy a sign that banned anyone who wasn't acquainted with geometry.


Simple steps :

Human DNA has 64 codons embedded in 25000 lines of genome code

Normal Human has only 15- 22 codons activated . ( Date of Birth / Place of Birth / Time of Birth required to calculate the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM print with which one is born rendering the CODON / AMINO ACID / PROTEIN capability )

Rest all is latent potential that has been remarked as SPIRITUAL part of us . One can access the HIGHER consciousness when the BIOLOGIC PROTEIN structure can undergo the particle spin to make this happen .

Simple steps to activate the same by way of scientific methodology are now known to science and practically being adopted GLOBALLY .

We need to use cinema/media to create awareness about this scientific identity of ours and how we can achieve the same easily through a structured FREQUENCY SIGNATURE methodology .

Throughout the history of cinema , many great movies ( Indian / Elsewhere ) and legendary cinema personalities have tried to do this but have failed .

Anyway , science was not as developed in those days as it is now especially when an interesting phase in the history of mankind begins with the advent 2012 ( end of the mayan calendar and beginning of the NEW AGE of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS ) .

Today we know THE SCIENCE OF MAKING A PIECE OF ART CLICK with the masses . We understand METAPHYSICS and know why MOZART / DA VINCE or all the INDIAN MAESTROS create MASTERPIECES with their work .

You might feel interested to benefit from this new knowledge and take it forward as a PERSONAL / SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION avenue engaging people from YOUR INDUSTRY .