The Golden Fractal Wave- Origin of Centripedal Forces: Gravity, Color, Life, Consciousness and Perception.

We are clear the universe is made of waves. Those waves move in a universal compressible background substance ("ether"). Those waves then store compression versus rarefaction (packing versus unpacking - sometimes called yin/ yang)- in that substance called (electric) CHARGE. So in physics 'charge' is in effect the unified field. Because that fluidly moving hydrodynamic substance called 'charge' stores INERTIA- it then has the quality - of creating MASS. This is because inertia stored (by waves of charge rotating) is the only definition of mass. It is as simple as realizing that when a wave is able to go in a circle instead of a line, it begins to STORE more of its inertia - just like a gyroscope. So - as we have often said- 'God' or the creative principle in essence is the skill to teach waves to start going in a circle (creating mass) instead of line. The tricky part of keeping a wave going in a circle - instead of in a straight line - is that when the wave finishes making it's circle - it has to meet itself - ('phase lock') - by agreeing on where the crest and the trough will fit. Otherwise - it creates destructive wave interference ... and kills itself.

This need for waves to agree on where to meet- forces them to always obey a simple rule. The number one rule for waves is: The wave length must divide evenly into the circumference of the circle they are making. This rule- the origin of 'quantum mechanics' - is the reason there is geometry in the universe. This is because fitting wavelengths into circles - in 2D and 3D- causes those wave to make the pretty pictures - tetrahedron, octa, cube, dodeca, icosa etc. These become group theory.. and the fact that electron shells are basically platonic solids- the same way nuclear particles- (protons/neutrons) nest in the platonic solids . The illusion that there is such a thing as a particle arose because of the way these waves of charge store their inertia in discrete or 'quantized' little 'envelopes'. These bubbles or wave packets of charge storing inertia - came to be named particles. They are absolutely not 'silver bullets' (which is to say they are NOT solid - but only wave bubbles). The reason the amount of inertia (or mass) stored in each little bubble of waves is so regular or discrete (electrons and protons each store the same amount) - is fascinating. As waves ran around the universe- for eons- they discovered there were some basic agreements required in order for the survival of those waves. An extremely elegant single universal standard for all waves- call PLANK - (length, time, and energy) - evolved because - right from the beginning waves which did not fit the agreed standard of fitting together - would immediately die (experience destructive wave interference). In effect - since this one unit of length and time and energy - fit ALL of the waves of the universe- these so called PLANK dimensions define the so called 'sacred' (gold standard of agreement that fits all of physics) - for waves. The other tricky part about keeping a wave going in a circle ( and thereby creating mass) - is that the inertia the wave stores - tends to immediately get thrown OUT of that circle by centripedal force. (For the same reason your laundry gets pressed on the outside of the drum during the spin cycle). So - the only way those waves get to KEEP going in a circle - and remain part of the exclusive club of 'mass creators' is when there is some mysterious centripedal force- which keeps them attracted to the center of the circle (gravity). The cause of THAT force is one of the primary subjects of this book. We all know that Einstein did not figure out why any object falls to the ground. He got one thing right- that infinite constructive wave compression was the solution to his unified field. The reason physics has not figured out why an object falls to the ground til now, is because of TWO fundamental stupidities:

1. Not knowing how fractality - was a wave / electrical solution to perfect or infinite compression. (Although mathematics has long known fractals are infinitely compressible - physics was slow to figure out what a fractal electric field looked like).

2. Not knowing that Golden Ratio was the ultimate solution to all constructive wave interference - and therefore especially the solution to Einstein's pesky problem: infinite compression. And therefore Golden Ratio is the ultimate solution to fractality.

The essential issue of unified field thinking is to know what electric field shape or symmetry causes gravity to happen. This problem is resolved once we understand for example - that the fractal 'self similarity' (perfected in Golden Ratio) of the nuclear shapes (symmetry) to the electron shells- is the reason atoms have and make gravity. Gravity is only one of the centripedal forces. Others are color, life force, perception, and consciousness itself. All of these - by appearance- self organizing forces are caused by Golden Ratio - fractality among waves of charge. The purpose of this book is to present the scientific evidence for this statement. And then to explore the technologic and spiritual implications of this new fractal unified field.

The evidence the Golden Ratio - fractality ( constructive charge collapse perfected) is the cause and mechanism of gravity:

1. Golden Ratio times Plank length produces exactly the radius of hydrogen. ( So- Golden RATIO constructive charge collapse- is evidentially what is holding hydrogen - and most likely the entire atomic table together )

2. Golden Ratio is the quintessential element of E8 - Unified Field model .

3. Golden Ratio is the universal container - universal of global scaling - of - Length vs Frequency of - Big Bang, Atom, Galaxy and Universe

4. The infinite stellated dodecahedron ( dodeca / icosa/ dodeca...) main characteristic is each node has x,y,z values which are simples multiples of Golden Ratio. This produces perfect constructive wave compression and collapse. For this reason - this is the exact geometry of:

a) The universe ( Nature and New Scientist magazine covers)

b) DNA and every living protein

c) the outer electrical shape of gold, palladium, platinum (pgm's), fusion, black holes, the noble gasses, and their corresponding electron valences and nuclear symmetries.

d) the Earth grid.

Understanding the mechanism which allows Golden Ratio fractality to BE the cause of gravity is essential to this: The top down view of the Golden Ratio - pent dodeca- which is the shape of every wave in the above list (DNA, Every Living Protein, Gold/PGM's, Earth Grid, Universe etc) - is essentially 10 spirals of the Golden Mean The reason this shape - essentially accounts for all the universe's centripedal and self organizing forces (gravity, color, consciousness, life force, perception etc)- is as follows: When waves meet in rotation - at each wave node cross- a portion of the inertia of the wave node (or cross point) - must radiate out in all directions. The wave interference produced in 3D quickly makes DESTRUCTIVE wave interference - (especially if it is cubic) - unless it finds the ONE geometry which allows the wave to continue radiating in ALL directions constructively. That solution is GOLDEN RATIO - and the 3D - what that looks like is the stellated dodeca (pent stars within stars). As the waves keep crossing- at each point along the Golden Spiral they create,the keep doing what all waves must do in wave interference (called 'heterodyning'). They keep adding AND multiplying (recursive addition) - their wave lengths and their wave (or phase) VELOCITIES. The Golden Ratio is the obvious only solution to this geometry problem which all waves encounter because this is the ratio that allows BOTH adding and multiplying to continue- in such a way that all the produces (children of the waves) continue to FIT the nest.