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INTRODUCTION AWARENESS AND CONSCIOUSNESS UNPLUGGED : Don't be too intellectual or take yourself too seriously, have fun with these webs, play with them as a kind of "Glass Bead Game"

Wisdom is the ability to live coherently in a chaotic world. It requires the "knowledge behind the knowledge". This means an understanding of the hardware of the mind, its structure, as opposed to the mind's software - the particular languages, sciences, and religions which occupy the mind. This is knowledge of chance and chaos, and how to find the hidden order which lies behind chaos. The order is found in structure, number, geometry and music. They allow you to make sense of chance, to understand the meaning of your life. Understanding the mind's hardware empowers the individual to make the appropriate choices in the chaotic world of chances.
This is a article about the practical "know how" of chance and choice. It is a technical reference and guide for those people who are on the Path of Wisdom. Ideally it should be read through all at once to get an overall idea, and then re-read and studied for an exact understanding of specific areas of interest. It is a holistic compendium where almost every page summarizes volumes of other books and could be a launching pad for further investigation. If you are hungry for Wisdom-Knowledge, but don't know where to start, or reach a dead end, just open a page at random and take a chance. A Path of this kind has a million different beginnings all leading to the same place: your true self.
Although knowledge is without bound, Wisdom has a limited number of criteria. They are the criteria of holistic thinking. The basic criteria of Wisdom can be represented by a geometric image which underlies all anthropological traditions: The Wheel. This article provides an introduction to the Wheel -- shown below - and shows how the Wheel can be applied in many fields.
The Wheel is the translation key to all spiritual knowledge. It allows a holistic understanding of the Wisdom teachings of all cultures of the World. This basic symbol unites the differing traditions by their underlying mathematics and consciousness. All human Wisdom can be organized by, and has a place in the Wheel. It represents the basic structure underlying all Wisdom. The Wheel is an open, holistic system. With it a person can fashion their own philosophy and life meaning. The Wheel empowers a person to reach a state of profound Awareness, or Wisdom, without depending on a Guru or religion to tell them what to do. From out of Awareness-Wisdom, you can know what chances to choose. You can live your life as a free, autonomous individual, yet still be integrated with the Cosmos and the infinite.
When properly understood The Wheel can serve as a thinking tool to bridge Science and Religion, the left and right brains. The full significance of otherwise dry scientific knowledge can then be felt in the right brain. Conversely, otherwise mystical religious-spiritual experiences can be understood rationally in the left brain. This book explains the dominant belief system of our time, the Myth of Science, and shows how this myth can be used in a practical and spiritually fulfilling way. The mathematical structure of the Wheel is used to integrate Science into world culture and the great myths of the past.
As a compendium of human Wisdom Chance and Choice has a very wide scope and covers many areas. Still, it is not intended to be an all inclusive encyclopedia. It is instead meant to be a kind of handbook for actions which can lead to an experience of Wisdom - calm coherence in the midst of turbulence, the eye of the hurricane.
The information gathered here is from many sources all over the world, some esoteric, some well known. It is presented together in one source to serve as a holistic basis for people and groups of many different backgrounds and experience to expand and apply Wisdom-Knowledge for personal transformation. Chance and Choice can serve as a guide for individual and group experiment, action and dialogue. To this end we have included experiments, consciousness exercises, methods and recommendations for further reading. Readers and groups are encouraged to add their own exercises and experiments.
Chance and Choice can and should be understood on many levels, not just rationally, but also intuitively and emotionally. Many diagrams and photographs are included for that purpose. The methods and experiments, coupled with PrimaSounds, photographs and charts, help the reader use all sides of their brain. This allows you to move beyond mere intellectual understanding, into a transformative Path of Wisdom-Knowledge. This article series serves as a basic reference for that Path.
The Path of Wisdom essentially has four steps:
(1) know your body,
(2) create your energy body,
(3) create your meaning in life, and
(4) participate in a global network of friends where your meaning can be fulfilled in history.
These steps are not sequential, they all happen at once, with a change in emphasis over time. The "first" step of body awareness comes from exercises and practice, not reading this or any other book. Still, some references are provided in this book to "body work". The creation of an energy body, a dream body, comes from active imagination, exercises and meditation.. This article is primarily of service to the third step of making sense of the world, creating your own meaning in life. For the fourth step a School of Wisdom or other friendship group is critical. With the help of local groups you can think universally and act globally. In this way you can fulfill your potential as a participant in the ongoing game of human civilization.
All four steps on the Path of Wisdom can be significantly helped by group work and teachers.
Chance and Choice is best studied with others, ideally with an experienced teacher, but at least with one or more friends in an informal study group. Many of the ideas are only suggested, or briefly sketched, and require group study and dialogue to understand and implement. What may be incomprehensible to you, may be clear to another. The pooling of different viewpoints, background and experience will make this book far easier to understand. Further, the process of communication itself -putting your insights into words for another, or formulating your questions - frequently leads to new realizations. A word of caution here, don't be too intellectual or take yourself too seriously, have fun with this material, play with it as a kind of "glass bead game". People who are too serious are not really mature.
To understand the Wheel it helps to see how it is constructed and derived from the dimensions because the Wheel is first and foremost a geometric figure. Its basic criteria can be deduced from the Mandelbrot vector 0 : Z Z¾ + C with 1 9 as the fractal scaling.(1) As will be shown in Chapter Two, this simple formula and fractals, which were just discovered in 1962 by IBM scientist Benoit Mandelbrot, reveal the structure of the geometric forms of nature. It is literally the basic mathematical model upon which the natural world was created. So too the Wheel is the basic model of human comprehension. The geometric construction of the Wheel, like the structure of nature itself, follows a simple mathematical sequence corresponding to the five dimensions of space and time (discussed in Chapter Two):
1. The construction of the Wheel begins with a point in space.
The point is the Zero Dimension, the infinitely small place holder. It is described with the Natural Numbers.
2. From out of the point two lines are drawn whereby the four chaos attractors form a cross with the 10 numbers. The line is in the First Dimension, made up of an infinite number of points next to each other in one direction. It is described with Whole Numbers.
3. The Plane of the Second Dimension, made up of an infinite number of lines and described with Rational Numbers - multiplication and division inside of the radius 10 - generate the Pythagorean CHI. It consists of the fractions born out of division, and the products of multiplication:
4. The end of the 2 diagonal of the two dimensional CHI forms the center of two circles, one going up to 10, the other through the zero point. These circles spin along the center as a fixed axis to create a Sphere with Three Dimensions. The sphere and the Third Dimension is made up of an infinite number of planes connected to each other. This is described by the Real Numbers.
In the third dimension the Wheel is divided into twelve equal sections as formed by the sound waves of the normal musical scale - the temperated cycle of fifths. An explanation and discussion of the significance of the twelve tone scale used in today's music is examined in Chapter Two.
In the third dimension the twelve fields of the Wheel also constitute the light - pigments - color circle (discussed at the end of Chapter Two).
The inside of the Wheel corresponds with the three dimensional structure of the inside of the atom which has up to seven layers of electron shells. The seven microcosmic shells of the periodic table of elements (discussed in Chapter Seven) are pictured concentrically inside of the Wheel. The center of the Wheel corresponds to the nucleus of the atom.
atomic-number-chart-inside-wheel.gif5. In the Fourth Dimension of Complex Numbers and Fractal Geometry, the real world of Man and Nature in which we live. The numerals organize the 9 criteria of Wisdom explained in Chapters 1-9 of this book:

      1. Semiotics: Language and the Basic Criteria of Coherence.

      2. Number: Dimension, Mandelbrot, Chaos, 4 Attractors, Music and Color.

      3. Cosmogony: 3 Worlds, Big Bang, Evolution and Symmetry.

      4. Brain and Mind: The Different Brains and Rebirthing.

      5. Yin - Yang: The I Ching and 5 Stages of Creative Time.

      6. Time Cycles: The Meaning of Time, Personal-Potentials & History.

      7. Energy: Chemistry, Crises and the Chakras.

      8. Global Consciousness: Earth Potentials & the Sacred Directions.

      9. The Human Computer: A Fractal Card Game of Wisdom.

Each chapter represents a fractal - self similar, but not identical - repetition of the basic theme applied in a different field of knowledge. The basic theme is the underlying order behind all chaos and diversity - The Wheel - which makes possible a coherent philosophy of the World. This is a philosophy without walls, only foundations, underlying structures. The Wheel allows the Myth of Science to be used as a tool for self liberation, a function in the past filled only by religion. With the Wheel the meaning and significance of science, as well as the major religions of the world, can be understood and applied for fulfillment. The philosophy of the Wheel is naturally one of tolerance because the Wheel allows you to see the common denominators underlying the different religions and spiritual traditions of the world. It is opposed only to dogma - where one person's dream and meaning of life is imposed on everyone else. You make sense of the Universe, you do not find sense that is already there, or sense made by someone else. You make it. Only then is true freedom possible, when you yourself make sense of your own life, when you explain life to yourself and do not take another's explanation of your life.
This article integrates many fields of modern Science and world Religious Philosophies. The result is a vast, yet coherent array of important and useful information to all those striving to make sense of their lives for themselves. Unlike most articles that can be read once, understood and discarded. this is a reference designed to challenge, to be read and studied again and again over a number of years. It is intended to serve as a springboard for basic inner change, for personal and group work. This is a compendium more to be lived with, than by.
If you find that some articles are beyond your depth, or confusing at first, don't be discouraged. They will probably become clear later with time, background study, personal observation, dialogue with others, experiments and change.
Lengthy explanations are avoided so that you can truly discover and understand for yourself. Detailed spoon feeding of this kind of knowledge is counter-productive. True understanding requires personal effort and time.
The deeper concepts presented in the book require experience of deeper levels of being and Awareness to comprehend. More and more words is not the way. Thinking longer and harder about ideas may not help you understand them. Breakthroughs are more frequently found by taking action to improve your body awareness, or by working to create your energy body. Meditation, practrices and practical experience of all kinds is required. If you have not had the deeper experiences described in this book, the words will never make any sense, no matter how hard you think about it. Better to get the experiences!
After your initial exposure to the book, begin your "third step" knowledge Work by focusing your efforts on the Chapters which are the most interesting and comprehensible to you. Mastery of any one of the nine fields of the "knowledge behind the knowledge" will allow for full realization and is sufficient for most. Only few walk the Path of Wisdom-Knowledge in all nine directions. But if you want to, by all means try, the spiritual rewards are great. Just remember that holistic understanding of all nine is only possible after many years of effort. Start with what your background and experience has prepared you for, with what seems to be within your grasp. Then apply what you understand for transformation before you come back to study more. Above all use this compendium as a tool, a guide along a Path. Engage your will and focus your efforts to accompany your thinking. Intellectual knowledge for its own sake is incomplete and does not lead to Wisdom.

  1. The Mandelbrot vector, fractal scaling and the Four Attractors are new discoveries in the Science of Chaos which are explained in Chapter Two on Number and Music. They are fundamental to understanding the Myth of Science. See Eg. Chaos: Making a New Science, James Gleick. They show the hidden order which lurks behind the most chaotic of systems, the bridge between Chaos and Cosmos.

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