Monday, July 5, 2010


Professor Phil Callahan. Stationed on the UK coast during the war, noticed the people living in the straw and clay ancient homes near the sea - were invariably surviving to over 100 years old. He began doing electrical tests ... to see WHY! To make a long story very short- the reason those structures keep everything ALIVE is they are a FRACTAL CAPACITOR. In electrical terms it means they are a phase conjugate dielectric. This means they create CONSTRUCTIVE or FRACTAL electrical wave interference in the center - and the entire DNA inside goes... (IN ... CHARGE). Where the slight but important CHARGE field of biology can BREATHE and distribute efficiently (inside a FRACTAL) there you get HEALTH HUMAN POTENTIAL THAT DRIVES PERFORMANCE !!! The physics is explained in heart research for example. The heartbeat that is FRACTAL measurably resists virtually ALL CHRONIC DISEASE. The way this electrical FRACTALITY that predicts survival sustainability of ALL LIVING THINGS - is measured is called HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS. If the harmonics are ALL there (inclusively) - then you are healthy. Well - essentially- same is true of EVERY LIVING THING. Harmonic inclusiveness (how many DIFFERENT frequencies can live together) is same as fractality - perfected compression - just like genetic diversity as the same as DNA's collective survival wisdom. The good professor noticed that Hemp straw buildings, which most produced life extension, were the ones near the sea. We now understand the physics. By alternating a mist soaking in trace mineral which included a live enzyme sea spray- then with a bake in REAL sunlight - nature achieved a FABULOUS BIOLOGIC CAPACITOR.
"Design working places where you reduce absenteeism to almost zero
, such as the Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam "

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