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CHAPTER 9 : THE HUMAN COMPUTER --- A Fractal Game of Wisdom Cards

The New Age is based on computer technology and the global information network -- the Internet. They are the hardware and software of the noosphere. Conscious programming starts from a scientific hypothesis, but beyond that is Awareness. Awareness has in it all of the criteria explained up to now.
Awareness is Zero dimension, peak experience, satori, samadhi, nirvana, rapture, bliss. It is the key which allowed Mandelbrot to discover the Geometry of nature, the order of the strange attractor in the fourth dimension. 0 : z z¾ + c. You cannot stay in Zero. It is the beginning. The problem is how to link Awareness with Consciousness in everyday life.
Normal discursive consciousness hinders this linkage. In the past irrational methods of connection were used, such as in Zen Buddhism and Sufism. But there has also always been a rational way, as for instance with the Spanish-Jewish cabbalists, or the Taoists of the Golden Flower. They knew how to link up awareness with consciousness using number and symbol. Their method employed reason in a holistic system, but went beyond reason to include all of existence. Their thinking systems in essence mirrored all of reality in the same sense that the cubic Kaaba in Mecca is said to contain all criteria. In today's technical world, the way of thinking as a bridge between Awareness and Consciousness is emphasized, and the irrational methods are becoming secondary.
eight-criteria-self.jpgWith the recent explosion in information from all over the world, both scientific and esoteric, we can now refine and update the rational mystic systems of the past. We can gain a holistic understanding using the basic structure provided by the Wheel and science. The nine basic criteria of all of these systems have been discussed throughout the book:
hyper-cube.gifThese nine criteria are depicted in the hypercube in the fourth dimension shown below. The center of the hypercube is the number "9" (3 to the 4th power). The ninth criteria is the SELF, the center point, or essence. It touches all of the other 8, bridging the finite with the infinite, Consciousness with Awareness.
Only the diagonals through the center of the hypercube are managed by the subject. The Self - beyond deep sleep - has, in Hindu terms, changed from witness to actor. The diagonals are the four attractors, intelligible through the dimensions.
self-diaganol-diagram.jpgThese five components are attainable as Primal Sounds with the interval of the natural seventh. In musical terms this means to use scaling and the octave in the ratio of 7 to 4. The new intervals created by the 7/4 ratio of the natural seventh divide the Primal Sounds octave into five parts: A-E-I-O-U. In Primal Sounds the Zero - the fundamental note from which the others are derived -- is the alpha wave of 12 hertz, the A note. The other four notes - E-I-O-U - are derived from it. Primal Sounds thus allow the Self to manipulate the four chaos attractors - the four sides of Self - from out of the fifth, the dynamic Emptiness.
We have shown how the nine basic criteria can be scaled down - distilled - to the five in accordance with the dimensions as shown above. In the same way the nine can also be scaled up to a higher level of complexity: 52. Throughout the ages many people have attained the alpha state, satori liberation, or spiritual rebirth. So the total number of the criteria involved in the liberation of the human being - 52 - has always been known. This is shown for instance by the 52 weeks established as the creative time parameters in the year. But with the advent of religions, and the persecution of the pagan, unorthodox traditions, the wisdom knowledge of 52 as a prime number of Man had to be handed down in secret. The beginning of science did not make things easier. Only the recent developments of new physics, coupled with the rise of spiritual democracy and anti-ideological forces, have made it possible to bring this into the cultural mainstream.
This knowledge was still known in the middle ages when the few remaining secret wisdom schools were threatened by the inquisition. In the year 1299 a group of cabbalists, sufis and artisans (companions, not freemasons), invented a covert means to teach the meaning of the 52, and use it as a means of divination. They invented the deck of 52 playing cards, completely separate and apart from the tarot which was known and condemned by the establishment church. This is essentially the same playing cards known today all over the world. The cards were originally invented and used to create a seemingly harmless facade for their spiritual, "heretical" teachings. With the 52 playing cards they were able to teach the arcana openly in the inns where they met. If the gestapo-inquisition came by, they would pretend it was just a game. At worse they were only guilty of a lesser sin of gambling, not of heresy.
Today the 52 playing cards are a part of modern culture known by almost everyone all over the world. But ironically, the pretense has overtaken the reality. Almost no one today still knows the original purpose - the original game behind the games - the attainment of the 9 from 0. Now we will share this lost knowledge and show you how the 52 cards can be used as they were originally intended - as symbols for the criteria of the human computer.
The royal or face cards: King, Queen, Jack are the time numbers (3 x 4). Originally the face cards were called Master (now King), Companion (Queen) and Apprentice (Jack) in the artisan tradition. The 9 numerals (9 x 4) define the space criteria. The 10 cards (1 x 4) represent fulfillment. The Nine space cards, plus the tenth, plus the three time cards, in the four suits, creates the 52 card deck (12 + 36 + 4) or (13 * 4 = 52). The four suits have the following meaning:
4SpadesAwareness-WillSelf Organization
4Wish, DesireImagine, Mental Rep.Strategies

ladder-zodiac-energy-grammar-chart.jpgEach suit also has a special alignment of the nine basic principles. Diamonds have the alignment of the nine planets in their home location on The Wheel. Clubs have the same order, but here the nine appear as the structure of grammar. Hearts follow the different order of the ten basic element groups. Spades follow the sequence of the "ladder to heaven", the nine as spheric circuit with the ten chakras.
The 10 numbered cards in the four suits define the four branches of the CHI -- 10 to each suit. The Zero lives in the center of the Chi at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical number lines. From out of the Zero the living Being connects to the Self following the square root of two. All around it in mathematical relation the four attractors flow in the play of forms.
chi-cards-energy-self-matter-consciousiness.jpgWisdom is a step beyond school training. In schools the apprentice is the beginning step. Next is the companion. This is the intermediate step of getting social in your knowledge. In the middle ages in France this intermediate stage lasted nine years. The companion wandering from master to master gaining in this knowledge. The master - Magister -- is at the last stage of school training. Here the ability to teach is gained.
All accomplished professions demand mastery. But wisdom - the attainment of self-actualization and liberation - demands even more. Its starting point is not the apprentice, but the Master. Here we follow the Sufi tradition: only a man who is economically independent, who can choose his work, can start on the way to Zero-God-Awareness. The Wisdom Way demands that you go beyond mastery to chart your own course. It is not for those who like to follow others. For them, the established traditions, with their wealth of knowledge, will show the way. They will provide an established path that conforms to the local cultural consensus.
But for those on a spiritual path, who choose to follow their own dream, not the dream of others, the cards are a powerful tool. They show 13 steps of wisdom applied with 52 basic components. Each of the thirteen steps is fourfold, starting in the sequence, diamonds-matter, clubs-consciousness, heart-energy, spades-self organizations.
The everyday cards thus provide an archetypal guide for all those on a spiritual path, as soon as you know how to use them. The first step in this knowledge is to comprehend the sequence of the cards. The cards in the order which follows mirrors the path. They show the natural progression of the way of wisdom. Remember, this is not a path for beginners, but for the mature, the Masters. It is a path where the mastery of the King is the beginning point. Its goal is the Ace, the holistic unity where Being connects Self with God.
KING: The start is to have the right livelihood , to have friends of other walks of life, to accept your instincts and needs , and to know in which field you have real mastery. Thus the path to Wisdom starts from mastery, from a position of health and attainment, and goes to the Ace, the unified field of awareness.
QUEEN: The mastery and competence should become the status, a profession respected by others. You have to accept your place in society and family and become a personality , visible and desirable to others, being honest, sincere and trustworthy, not hiding any weakness.
JACK: Due to our brain structure we learn our whole life. The starting point is work. By working to make things better, you evolve, make progress and join a team working to the same end. Out of this group effort your belief system improves and your faith is born. This will lead to fulfillment in your Spiritual Path .
(10) - In the depth of your Self, the core of your Being, you have the vision of ideals to attain. This vision gives you hope and the courage to strive: Beauty for sensing, Truth for thinking, Goodness for feeling, and impartial Justice for willing. Justice, not in the Roman, but in the Chinese interpretation: finding your right place in the cosmic order and in the golden chain of being.
(9) - The striving for these infinite ideals enables you to plan and invent your own future projects. You program your own human computer, and carrying out your inventions as scriptwriter, producer and actor. You plan your life software, putting in additional time, linking it up with your dream , and thereby find the link to the muses , the inspiration.
(8) - You then accept full responsibility for your dream and position. To do this, and act consciously as a leader, you must be able to explain , and to create appropriate methods or rituals for common action. You learn to trust the beyond, your angel , and your inner voice.
(7) - Knowing your stand you have to fight for your values, even to death. You have to take the initiative. Remain open to questioning and assertions , nobody is ever totally in the right, the devil and evil are an invention of power people. You have to realize that forces of nature help you to find your individuation by way of omens and agreements, getting help from the nature spirits , the elementals.
(6) - Whoever has real power can communicate , discuss and make statements in dialogue, instead of argument. You thereby establish the right priorities and link your own work with history and the ancestors .
(5) - Having thus fulfilled your public and social duties, you turn to your own life. You start to have deeper insights into your self and your way, to discern more and more clearly and distinctly. You qualify and fine tune and analyze your statements about reality. Knowing your norm , your competence never transgresses it. In this way you find your true human identity .
(4) - The real human will be able to take their wishes, their true desires as positive motivations. They will see them in their totality, in mental representations, and balance them in the center. Then you will develop the right strategies to attain them, just like any animal, trusting your communion with their world and attain wisdom in acting.
(3) - The wishes will lead you again unto the way of knowledge, to study, the pursuit of knowledge of what really interests you. You will then gain a better understanding of others and yourself. As you do you will strive to discover your highest potentiality, your archetype , to evolve, trusting in natural growth like a tree.
(2) - The tree has flowers, your capacity to create will grow and flower like the mature tree. If your conception is large enough, if you adapt to the prevailing conditions and take the technological world as your field of actualization, then you and others will be able to relate to your creations.
(1) - Finally, knowing that you are not the creator, but only His tool or transmitter, you will let the force of healing flow to you. You will trust in your overall grasp of the whole in absolute confidence that it will never lead you astray. This will lead to a complete opening to the east, the voice of continuous revelation , the spirit of the times. You will attain the Ace of Spades - the symbol of true wisdom. Your journey to full wisdom will be complete.
ace-of-spades.jpgOne of the nine principles relates to each of the 40 number cards according to the suit of the card. Diamonds follow the order of the planets on The Wheel. Clubs follow the order of grammar. Hearts follow the order of the elements, and Spades the order of the ladder to heaven. The charts below summarize the meaning of each of the 52 Wisdom cards, and each of the suits. These can be used as a reference to help you use the cards.
Ladder to Heaven
East, Revelation
2CreatingConceiveAdaptionWest, Mineral
Affirmation, Letting Go
Plant, Growth
4Wish, DesireImagine, Mental Rep.StrategiesNorth, Animal
Find Medicine
5DiscernQualify, AnalyzeNormBecome Human
Center- Earth
6CommunicateStatement, DiscussValue
Ancestors S.E.
7Fight, InitiateAssertion, QuestionIndividuationNature-Spirits S.W.
Angels N.W.
9InventPlanVisionInspirers-Muses, N.E.

The key to learning this keyboard of human software is through practical applications on real world problems. Learn by doing. The first step in using the Wisdom Cards is to select a problem and determine what type it is, what number it relates to. When you determine which type or number the problem has, then you know how many cards to pick to find the answer. Sometimes you may find that your problem does not seem to fit into any of the nine. That is to be expected. The cards can only provide guidance if the problem relates to one of the nine principals. Not all problems do. Many problems are non-essential, and so are not properly addressed with the Wisdom Cards. For instance, you would not consult the cards to try and determine what color car to buy.
There are several ways to determine if the particular problem lends itself to this type of approach. One way is to look at the descriptions given for each card in the evolutionary sequence above. Then study the charts provided here to see if one of the concepts of the diamond cards seems to fit your problem. When referring to the text, especially the chart, remember that the summation words we assign to express the meaning of each card are cluster words, not scientific concepts. They are holistic symbols, so do not interpret them too narrowly. A book could be written on each card.
diamond.jpgLook always to the diamond cards and their concepts to see if the problem fits the cards and how. They are the key to whether you can use this method of divination for the particular question or problem you now have. They are also the key to determining how many cards to pick. Consider if your problem in general pertains to: 1-Healing, 2-Creating, 3-Cognition, 4-Wishing, 5-Undertaking, 6-Communication, 7-Fighting, 8-Responsibility, or 9-Invent? If it does, then you know what type of problem you have, and how many cards to draw. For instance, if the problem concerns a quarrel with someone, then you need to pick seven cards. If the problem concerns an illness or disease, then pick one card.
There is another type of "structural analysis" method to find out how many cards to pick. In this method you consider the numerals directly. For instance, are you looking for one symbol to represent your entire being at this moment, to sum everything up with one idea. If so, then pick one card. More information on this analysis method is provided later in the chapter.
Once you gain some understanding of the concepts the cards represent, you can begin to use them as a Wisdom tool. You can use them to gain practical guidance and insight into problems - by question and answer. The first step is to study and become familiar with the charts that follow. They show the cluster word or words chosen to sum up the essential meaning of each of the Wisdom cards. Pay particular attention at first to the meaning of the ace through nine Diamond cards. They hold the key to the threshold question of whether the problem can be tackled with this process at all. If the problem does not fit into these nine, then another approach to the problem should be considered.
The key words of the Diamond - Sensing - time cycle (planetary) sequence - 1 through 9 - are deduced from their position on the Wheel.
1 Jupiter Healing / Unify
2 Venus Creating / Produce
3 Uranus Cognize / Knowing
4 Moon Wish
5 Mercury Undertake
6 Neptune Communicate
7 Mars Fight / Initiate
8 Saturn Responsibility
9 Pluto Invent, Projecting
The key words of the Club - Thinking - planetary sequence - 1 through 9 - springs from understanding their meaning as grammatical components of language.
heart.jpgThe key words of the Heart - Feeling - sequence comes from the micro-cosmic order, which for most of us is more comprehendible as the nine steps in life crises.
spade.jpgThe sequence of key words in the Spade row - Willing - comes from the succession of planetary spheres seen from the Earth, called the "Ladder To Heaven". This sequence corresponds to the space numerals: 1 East, 2 West, 3 South, 4 North, 5 Center, etc. The Spade cards, Willing cards, show the possible relation to the cosmic powers.
LadderDirections.jpgUse of the Wisdom Cards truly requires the skill of a Master of the Wheel. Striving to use the Wisdom Cards will help attain such mastery. There are three main components in this "glass bead game" of question and answer: first, the individual and his or her problem; secondly, the diamond structure to which the problem refers (this tells you the number of cards to pick); and thirdly, the cards that bring the answer. The answer does not directly lead to a decision. Instead, the cards reveal the meaning of the situation for the inner self, and the right attitude to make sense of it. The nine geometric structures discussed next are the space components that correspond with the situation (problem). They show the way to bring forth the particular question that will be answered by the cards. The cards are the time-component, revealing the actual solution.
The nine numerals are the arithmetic expression of the creative principles - the "sacred count". The nine diagrams shown next are the geometric expression of the numerals. Each of the nine expressions is as basic and "sacred" as the other. Each of the points on the figure is connected to all of the others to make a complex form unique to that polygon. Contemplation of these geometric forms will reveal much of the nature of the nine numerals. It can also help you to determine in a right brain manner into which number your particular problem fits, if any.
Here are a few ways you can use these geometric forms to help you tune into your problem and know how many cards to draw. Ask yourself which of the diagrams seem centering to you now? Which shows a rhythm that asks for an invisible center of operation? How many lines connect to the points? Do you feel a resonance with your situation in one of the shapes? How do these structures integrate in the Wheel? Why for instance was the diagram of six frequently chosen as a symbol of equality in community or family? Does looking at the shape for 6 give you some new insight into that? If you think about it you will find that all of these structures have been treated from various points of view in this web/book.

  1. Is the problem a matter of healing? Do you wish a single card to express the right attitude of your entire being towards life just now? If so, then pick one card.


  2. Is your problem a matter of creativity, if so choose two cards. Using the second "structural analysis method", is your problem governed by two, does it concern the relation of yourself to others, or of Self and ego? Does the situation involve a creative duality, a polarity of complementary opposites, like you-me, creator-created, artist-painting? If so, then again choose two cards, one for each of the things in a complementary opposition with each other.


  3. Three involves a problem with cognition, understanding. Is it a matter of knowledge, of striving or evolution? Then pick three cards. In essence the numeral three stands for dialectic movement as shown below. Does your problem involve a trinity where dialectic movement is inherent - past, future and present; thesis, anti-thesis and synthesis; body, soul, spirit. If you feel that your problem is stagnation, then in essence your problem is one of dialectic movement. If so you ask: what is my situation, my aim, and my method to change? The three cards are shown as a dialectic triangle:


  4. Pick four cards if it is a matter of knowing your motivations and true wishes. What do you really want to do? Using structural analysis, look to see if your problem pertains to a lack of balance in the four functions, and a need to center yourself. For instance, are you out of balance by overemphasis in Sensing - lost in practical matters; or are you carried away by emotions - Feeling. Or are you stuck in Thinking and unable to use the freedom of Will, or unable to Feel. Each card picked relates to a function. Together they show how to bring the functions into balance and to center yourself. In effect the question becomes "what is important to consider with respect to my sensing, thinking, feeling and willing?"


  5. If you see your problem involves an undertaking, activity or project, then use the fivefold symbol of Man - the pentagram. The five cards answer the five questions inherent in the pentagram. For the left foot, what is my present stand? For the right foot, what is my next step? For the left hand, what is my potential for acting? For my right hand, what can I do? For my head, how can I integrate the situation? Five pertains to finding your human identity.


  6. Pick six cards if it is a problem of communication. Sixfoldness -- the hexagram - sheds light on how any group action or community undertaking can succeed. The cards answer these six questions: What is my role in this common venture? How can we progress by this group? What should my attitude be towards the others in the group? What have I mastered and can contribute to this undertaking? What can our common aim be? What plan or structure does this venture need in order to make sense? Six pertains to active participation in a community.


  7. If it is obviously a problem of fighting, then seven. Seven is essentially a matter of initiative. This essence behind a problem is not always obvious. It sometimes requires considerable reflection and pondering to discover the real question, the real problem. For instance, a problem, which is essentially about initiative frequently does not involve fighting at all. For instance, it could involve a desire to change jobs and start a new career. Any problem of initiative, fighting to change, start something new, requires seven cards like the Babylonian week: The card on the place of the Moon will answer: how can I use my imagination for this initiative? Saturn: how can I handle the circumstances? Mercury, what is the actual improvement I can expect and work for? Jupiter: how can I integrate this effort? Venus: where does my creativity come in? Mars: where is the need for initiative? Sun: how can I be (remain) myself in this venture? This formulation of seven questions is just one way among many of expressing the meaning behind these seven basic time cycles - the 7 planets behind the Babylonian week. This sevenfold fighting type of question will lead to a new initiative.


  8. If the problem pertains to responsibilities, then eight. The structure of eight helps you to consider how in any complex situation in which you bear responsibility, you do not have to act alone. You can tune into the cosmic powers, and act in harmony with heaven and earth. This involves the eight directions and their Powers. (The fifth and tenth Powers are excluded.) So lay the cards out in a big square and visualize the directions as you do in the Wheel.

    Each card drawn relates to a particular direction. So the questions will be something like the following. 1-EAST: By what attitude can I expect to receive enlightenment from the East? 2-WEST: How can I gain the power of affirming?

    3-SOUTH: When can I have trust and innocence from the South? 4-NORTH: Where do I need, and how do I gain, wisdom and clarity? 6-SOUTH-EAST: How do I get in touch with the ancestral force? 7-SOUTH-WEST: In what respect are the elementals ready to help? 8-NORTH-WEST: How can I receive messages from the Angels? 9-NORTH-EAST: How do I open myself to the inspiration of the muses, the actualizing forces?


  9. Is it a problem of drafting, projecting, or inventing a new situation, a new project? Then use all nine cards. The cards are laid out in the shape of the Enneagram. You decipher according to ninefold grammar.

The questions to use will be something like:
9 What will reveal the common denominator of the project?
3 What progress can the project bring, how can it further evolution?
6 How should I communicate the project and solicit support from the community?
1 How can a healing, synthesis effect come out of the project?
2 Where is my creative outlet?
4 How can I use my imagination?
5 Where is exact discernment and judgment required?
7 Where is the initiative?
8 What is my responsibility?
grammer-cards.jpgIf you can see your problem in terms of one of the nine diamonds, then the Wisdom Cards can be used to channel guidance from your Higher Self. For the communication to work "self constrained chance" must open the door. Shuffle and cut the cards so that there is no chance of conscious manipulation. Then randomly pick the number of cards in accord with the type of problem. That is the chance element. What makes the chance "self constrained" is: (1) the holistic numerical structure of the system; (2) the prior analysis of the problem; and, (3) the conscious choice of the number of cards to pick. It is the system in accord with nature, and the intent, that harnesses the random events. This is what allows the chance process of the random pick of cards to create the bridge of guidance. Chance alone will not do it. Chaos begets more chaos without the structure of number. But by employing holistic reasoning and chance - the Zero - the natural forces of the Strange Attractors are allowed to work. They can then build a bridge between ego and Self, consciousness and Awareness.
When you draw the cards place them face down, one at a time, without looking at them. Put them in the formation shown above according to the type of problem chosen. Then turn the cards over, one by one, in whatever order you want, so that the holistic symbols are revealed. You place the concepts together to make sense out of them, to hear the Message that is trying to get through to you.
Another way to use the Wisdom Cards is to go through the entire deck and lay out all of the diagrams. The seven remaining cards represent the seven chakras. You may want to do this if you are going through a major transformation, starting a whole new epoch in your life. The nine diagrams with the forty five answers will provide information on every aspect. The seven cards at the end show how to coordinate the flow of energy from the seven chakras. The answers will not be understood or remembered with the intellect, so much as with the unconscious and subconscious. The ritual of the deck of Wisdom Cards will provide a new perspective, glimpses of a vision of the new life. This can have a subliminal, yet nevertheless, powerful effect.
Wisdom means the level where action and experience start to make sense. The game of the human computer with Wisdom Cards is open to everybody who has gained a certain mastery in their life. The chance draw of the Wisdom Cards work because chaos - chance - is the origin of cosmical order. There is no divine master plan, or almighty divine being directed events of earth, as is assumed in many religions. These ideas are just articulations of a monotonous dream. In the Aquarian Age you have to create your own dream and game, never knowing where it will lead you. The ultimate answer is that only you can make sense, your cosmos out of chaos: not by studying, but by doing.
METHODS/EXPERIMENTS: Make your own decl of Wisdom Cards so you can more easily play the game. Take a standard deck of playing cards and write on each card the one or two word meanings shown on the table. Then add on the card the planetary symbol that goes with the nine. For the 10 cards put the sun, and for the face cards put the zodiac sign. Now use these Wisdom Cards to address a real problem. Use the cards you draw to try and understand the full meaning your current situation. What are the opportunities? What are the dangers? The holistic understanding that comes from the cards, both conscious and unconscious, will create an attitude that effects your future actions.
Do not always take the particular word you have written on the card, or shown on the chart, too literally or narrowly. Remember the summation words are holistic cluster words that stand for whole patterns of experience. They should be understood as fractal patters, not algebraic logic. If the particular summation word on the card does not seem to fit a question asked, look back to the general sense of the numerals of this card. Try other words associated with it that may make better sense. Recall how and where the particular card or cards chosen by chance fits into the developmental chronology of all the Wisdom Cards, the 13 steps. What does that tell you about the answer to your question? Where are you in the developmental cycle? Don't always expect instant or easy answers. Sometimes it may be like that, but other times it may take much longer for insight to come.
Try using the Wisdom Cards with yourself and with your friends. Questions can be asked individually, or as a group where all ask a question together. At first the greatest difficulty in using the cards is to know what questions are appropriate, which can be answered by the Wisdom Cards. Then the next step is to determine what type of question it is: one through nine. The better you know yourself, and the problem, the easier this becomes. If the answer you get makes no sense at all, then perhaps your error is not in interpreting, but in asking the wrong question, or drawing the wrong number of cards. Think and carefully analyze your question before you ever begin to draw the card or cards. This is a skill which, like others, takes considerable time and effort to master.
When you are working with the Wisdom Cards take care to maintain the integrity of the random process; shuffle well and cut the deck two times to avoid any chance of conscious interference. Unless the selection is controlled by pure chance -- chaos - the choice will not reflect the whole Cosmos. If you cheat, and control the process, the Strange attractor can not get through the other attractors to provide guidance for your Being. This is not gambling with your life. It is a tool of wise counsel which exploits number and the fractal recursive nature of reality to connect ego with Self, to get a message through. The Wisdom Cards allow you to circumvent the limitations of finite thinking, linking Awareness with Consciousness by self similarity over scales.

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