Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Significance of Number and Geometry

Short summary of the ancient Pythagorean insight of the spiritual significance of number.  

The Mandelbrot fractal portrays in two dimensions the infinity between zero and one, the potential and the actual.... Mandelbrot's formula provides a mathematical map to navigate in the crack between the worlds, to cope with Chaos and bring our potential into actuality.
Number/Geometry are the bridge between awareness and consciousness, sense and meaning. They constitute the original Cabala. Out of the nine parts of speech, and twelve components of the mind, all possible meaning arises. The structure of the inner world of mind and language mirrors that of the outer world of matter and vibration - geometry and number - field and particle. The outer world, including music and color, follows the same laws of number which govern the inner world. The laws of number and geometry bridge the inner and outer worlds. Thus by understanding number and geometry we understand ourselves and gain a powerful Wisdom tool with which we can make sense of our world, a world which we now know through the science of Chaos is fundamentally disordered, free.
Pythagoras discovered long ago that number and geometry lead to structure, and that the structure of the mind is also the structure of the world. In essence all is mathematics. If you truly comprehend number and geometry you will have the key to all human Wisdom.
This is not a question of mere intellectual understanding, although that is a beginning. It requires full brained realization based on experience of the numbers. This means to become one with the basic forms through visualization and other exercises or meditations.

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