Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thru Infinity to Unity - The Fractal Connectivity of Consciousness

The Way leads from the dark into life. When you look deeply into the Mandlebrot fractal, you see thin strands of connectivity which unite all relationships founded in zero, awareness. But all other mathematical relationships do not unite with themselves to form a united, infinite connectiveness. There are Cantor sets, which fade away into the infinitely small, and there are Julia sets, which only connect with their own complexity.
If fractal relationships are analogous to human potential and human reality, and we apply the potentiality of mathematics to the different set potentials, then we find the following :

  1. people who fade off into the infinitely small. Their insignificant works, damaged mentality and self worthlessness all combine to the self disunion of their potential consciousness. Like Seth's (from the book, Seth Speaks ) Frank Withers, and all good soldiers from all times and places who pride themselves on marching to someone else's drum beat, they fade away.

  2. people who create their own version of reality, no matter how complicated, that leads continually back into itself and never goes anywhere. People and groups of people into their own trips are like Julia Sets. They do not endure through time. Those who construct anal retentive versions of reality (all who are truly religious) dwell within their sometimes beautiful, but finally stiflingly limited versions of reality. This is purgatory in life and in death. This is the world of limited belief that perpetually turns back and replicates itself where there is nothing new under the sun. This is where the vast majority of humans on Earth dwell.

  3. people of the Way. Creative junkies who live in spontaneity. Always open to what's new, always living on a path that is connected with all other ways. In potential, every consciousness in the Universe(s) who lives on this path is connected to every other self that lives on this path united in awareness, one with the beginning and the end of time which is connected to only this path as a continuity of consciousness. These are the selves who don't die when they change forms from one level of physicality to another. These are the personas who, when they meet similarly connected personas, get joyous, excited, charged and open to real communication and communion.

4fractal.gifOnly a loving God would create free will. Modern physics and mathematics prove that time is an illusion of our limited consciousness. In reality, there is only infinite potentiality and within that, from our point of view, there is the probability that certain groups of energy, quanta, will be in relation to other groups of quanta. This means that everything and every relationship possible exists. And only if every possibility of all relationships exist, can free will be possible. This also allows for the potential for the connectivity of consciousness through the complete space of the Universe and thus the possibility that we can live forever in one stream of totally connected consciousness. This is the flow which appears to move through the infinity of potential universes or connections. But it is us that's moving through space and thus gives us the illusion of time. We are God surveying small parts of potentiality from within potentiality.
In meditation and other acts of free will, focus and concentration of consciousness, we make quantum leaps into higher, or more connected levels of awareness, consciousness and energy. There are various levels reached so far by human consciousness and these levels are what yogis call the states of Samadhi. Specific exercises which concentrate ever greater packets of consciousness allow jumps into greater and greater states. These are rudimentary road maps of the Way.
Now in this age, we can look forward to more articulate formulas and virtual maps to help interested consciousness into aspects of their higher selves and possibly into the Higher Self. The Julia Set religions of the past, which always turned back on themselves lost the Joy of their original uniqueness, becoming moral prisons and social power trips. But the old methods did create the jumping-off place for selves, who for what ever reason, had a filament of attachment to the Way, to leap into greater levels of consciousness. The scientific methods of the new potential of this age will articulate the concepts of Grace and Love thru thinking and body. Grace and Love will be understood as confirmations of the experience of higher consciousness and as aspects, or fundamental by-products of the experience of true Awareness. Grace and Love will be understood in completely different ways than in the past, as more and more selves realize that they are connected to all consciousness; they are everything that is connected in the Universe. They are unity, continuity of consciousness, Awareness.
The preponderance of self awareness tends to keep us on the Way. This is Grace. The energization that is confirmation of communion with the Way is Love. Grace and Love can not be faked. Some of the conclusions of previous religions are undoubtedly glimpses, though poor interpretations, of the revelation of the Way. Not all souls are part of the continuity of consciousness. Most of potentiality, as seen in the Mandlebrot fractal graphics are not connected. Most people, units of self consciousness, are not connected. They are either fading away or living in their own purgatories. Unless you have had the experience of Awareness and remember it in this moment of time or this place within consciousness, you are not of the Way. This does not negate your existence but it does offer a sobering and compelling reason to not waste your time in unconnected activities. Because of free will, all things are not only possible, they are. It is our effort that unites the Universe. Effort is the concentration of consciousness by free self will. It is done for the hell of it not for mechanistic reasons although there is a preponderance or rhythm of effort open to all those who are connected to Awareness. The very act of effort leads to the sensory experiences of creativity, flow and love. Effort is confirmed in the realization of Love and driven by the preponderance of Grace. Whoever does not unite with the Way will perish.

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