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As the creation of a thousands forests is in one acorn, the map of the evolution of the Human entity into a sovereign being able to access any time or energy level in the Universe is indelibly written into our genetic codes . Our ability to activate and integrate the fullness of these codes is a question of circuity and geometry . After many years of working with emotional, physical & mental bodies , time has come to work with our electromagnetic circuit ,our energy source that activates/animates us on every level providing pathways of life force in our Bio-computer. Each circuit reconnected will initiate our return to wholeness & re-establish our true identities, liberating us from morphogenetic grid of form & connect to consciousness grid of awareness. All human beings are part of the tapestry of the universe, part of a pattern which connects. Nothing exists in isolation, in separateness. When we realize this network of grand relationships, we lose illusion of our separate self.We see our life as already artful, waiting, just waiting and ready for us to make it art. "The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." Hence we have to look for all avenues for people from all walks of life and help them to develop their latent potential so that they can see the wholeness in the smallnes . Seeing the COSMOS in a seed of grain as i explain it below . We are infinite versions of the same ENERGY source , so we have infinite versions of truth . But Cosmic Truth is singular. COSMIC Truth is understanding.... you may understand yet others may not. "So we often say forgive them , for they know not what they are doing & let them find their way when it is right for them" This is an irresponsible statement . Half of the people spend most of their lives to find a purpose . What they fail to understand is that every thing in this cosmos has purpose . Big bang , the way the universe is said to have started is actually a part of a bigger process of the cosmos . And the same process is witnessed by every entity of the universe . When a star looses its fire , it falls into a blackhole . But blackhole is another process of the COSMIC EVOLUTION . Our death is also similar to a blackhole . The matter forming us collapses in space . But the energy or spirit form continues in time . In fact if you are on a planet 160 million light years away and look at earth today through a telescope , you would see dinosaurs for the simple fact that the photons that have reflected the dinosaur world are all floating out in the cosmos . In the same way our lives are also recorded in photons for all future generations to plug and watch . Hope you would not be astonished if i tell that some of the atoms of our body could belong to the dinosaurs . Hence truly speaking we all are connected since the true nature of matter is a wave . And we are a part of the COSMIC STANDING SCALAR WAVE . This wave is there in the form of mobius coils in each of our cells . This represents the infinity symbol or the figure of eight since the scalar wave is two sine waves cancelling each other out . This unity in infinity is what the cosmos is and we all are holograms of the universal cosmos .
Hence for us to maximize our evolution is to resonate at the SCHUMANN RESONANCE . SCHUMANN RESONANCE EXPLANATION : The binaural beat of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann Resonance, is also known as the "earth's brainwave". At this frequency, the Human Body resonates with the earth and is able to draw maximum energy from the SCALAR standing wave that fills the vacuum. This scalar standing wave gets embedded into the microtubule of every cell providing the full potential of 70 – 90 mV for the cell functioning. This unleashes human potential at the quantum level to scales never experienced before. Cancerous cells are the cells that have potential of 10 - 15 mv .
Also , each human body has total 12 DNA starnds . Out of this we are utilizing only 2 . The latent 10 strands of DNA called the junk DNA start functioning. when all the cells get 70 - 90 mv . Thus every human body needs the proper energy sourcing to realize its true potential. This principle of human body drawing energy from the scalar standing wave was known to our ancestors . The science of acupressure is actually the science of decongesting the distribution mechanism of the energy in the Human Body . The same principle is now being used to generate energy from vacuum. Tesla was the scientist who discovered scalar waves . Teslar watches are now available that have a chip inbuilt to make your body resonate at Schumann resonance for healthier living and start anti aging . Phillip Stein Teslar watches have become very popular in Europe & America to unleash true human potential . Other brainwaves associated with the process of creativity / innovation / anti aging are :
1. 1.305Hz Low Delta
2. 3.262Hz High Delta
3. 7.83Hz Theta/Alpha (Schumann Resonance)
4. 10.44Hz Alpha
5. 13.05Hz Alpha/Beta
Anti-Aging frequencies are compiled here.
1. Delta frequencies are known to decrease cortisone, increase melatonin, and increase DHEA, the exact frequencies of delta occurs between 0.1-4 Hz in FULL SPECTRUM. Another contributor FIXED the signals at increments of 0.5, which does not enhance the anti-aging effect as its is not full spectrum.
2. This Anti-Aging has frequencies relating to Human Growth Hormone ( HGH ) . It happens that most of the HGH is produced in the Schumann Resonance .
3. DNA repair frequencies are 528, 731, 732 Hz
4. Regeneration and Healing frequencies are 47, 266, 2720 Hz
5. Pineal Gland which is associated with melatonin (anti-aging is added) 20 Hz. Thymus is same frequencies and one of the first glands to show signs of aging at aged 20 years old.
6. Pituitary HGH at 1.0 Hz
7. Getting Hair color back 1.05 Hz (probably melanin production) Also growth hormone here.
8. Tri-Thalmic (which coordinates HGH) at 1.45 Hz
9. DNA Stimulation and Regeneration at 3.5 Hz ( High Delta )
10. Frequency Range where we get most benefit to induce entrainment starting at 70 Hz (lowest sound of human vocal cords) 60 Hz is electric frequency and I therefore use 70 Hz as a cut off to 10,000 Hz. 9999 Hz is maximum frequency for increase in energy and Life is at max at 10,000. So this is the upper frequency limits.

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