Friday, August 15, 2008


Don't you feel sometimes that your work is your passion . It is your identity . But have you ever wondered that it was in your blood or you developed it . If it were in your blood , it was your archetype . Hence you picked that frequency and manifested the form that you are today . If it is the one you desired , then your desire was so intense that you attracted those frequencies that manifested your current form . There are thousand ways you could develop this talent of yours further into something never seen or heard before .You could make it effortless if you also understand space geometry that every action in this space can either fill you or leave you depleted of energy . But the laws of nature if truly understood would make your work a way of reviving oneself towards superior species .

We will tell you how . To begin , space is not vacuum , but full of scalar energy which enters our body through the energy vortexes and energy meridians . There is a continuous flow of neutrinos that flows through us carrying this charge to handshake with us at any given time . Hence we are energy beings . Form follows frequency is the universal law . Once we learn the concepts , it takes secs to switch forms . Hence it is important for every human being to vibrate in the right frequencies at the cellular level to manifest the true form of his / her personality . Equally important is the understanding of the morphogenetic fields which are the basis of epigenetics and the way they influence DNA code unfolding .

Our work makes us bring frequencies of prosperity into our aura . So does music , color , light anything that can resonate to influence our electromagnetic persona . The science behind the above can be put in few words as mentioned beneath . Our body has about 100 trillion cells ( this is known today ) out of which about 50 % are bacterial cells that live in our digestive system, primarily in your large intestine. Of remaining ~50% of our body's cell count, only about 10% (or ~5 trillion cells) make up solid tissues that we think of when we think of human body (muscles, spleen, kidneys, bones, brain, stomach, skin, etc.). The remaining 45% percent of cells in our body are liquid (blood or lymph )cells of some sort that are not associated with any solid tissue .

In a healthy body blood circulates to entire body from our heart back to your heart once every 22 mins . Also our body replaces every cell associated with liquid tissue every 120 days . That doesn't mean all 45 trillion of them get made or die at same time, but at any given time we can be certain that all cells associated with liquid tissue that we had 4 months ago are gone. With age , cell division creates cells with less water content to make us look aged . But now science is helping us to create healthy cells with same water content to start reverse aging .

Lets understand how . Atoms in our body and solid tissue go through a complete turnover once every 7 yrs. This does not mean that our body is rebuilt on your 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, etc. birthdays. Rather at any given time, most if not all atoms that were in our body 7 yrs ago will have been lost through metabolic turnover. So, no of cells that an adult human loses/sec is closer to 3,000,000 cells/sec. When we consider that we have 50 trillion of our own cells in our body, that means that on average one cell out of every 50 million dies/sec.

The process of staying alive is a constant balance between losing cells and making more cells to take their place . And process of antiaging is being able to maintain this process irrespective of age .

Microtubules ( quantum computer of cell ) engage in cell division / cell motion and are regulated by code in genes of DNA. Mitochondria is the power center of a cell . Every cell requires 70 – 90 mv to function to its complete potential . But do our cellular microcomputer ( microtubule ) receives enough milliVolts to divide sustainably to cater your daily cell requirements . By getting 70 - 90 mv at the cellular level your journey to defeat aging begins by adding and growing more of healthier cells . Think about it !!! .

Secondly , once the frequency of your desired tommorrow embeds into each of your 100 trillion cells microtubules , then the manifestation of the desired tommorrow is as simple as a click .

I need your help to put across this concept to all people in this world . This will revolutionize the way humanity looks towards life . Every persons life has a purpose to evolve and also contribute towards the evolution of universal consciousness . Through work , we could teach people to reverse age and fulfill their contracts of life to involve and evolve together to a superior species .Your efforts will help the cause . The proposition is simple , help people by way of their releasing from the clutches of cellular negative polarity also called karma , and blossoming into highly positive energy form indicating THE BRAND YOU , your/their true identity as per your/their archtype or as per your/their desire . The way you have become into your present form knowingly / unknowingly . Then we include epigenetics through music , light , color and all other known ways of influencing the electromagnetic blueprint of body to manifest into the desired tomorrow . It is helping people by making them understand the mechanism of realizing dreams . No more heart breaks for every one should know the MASTER KEY to the higher self to usher self and group evolution ...

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