Sunday, June 27, 2010

Every sage in his/her own way says 'Know Thyself'.

The great challenge in the realm of self-knowledge is that this knowledge is not of the same order as the knowledge of science or a language...

Self-knowledge is not knowledge that can be known - it is 'knowing as being'... the clearest intellectual answer to the question "Who am I?" is "I am that by which I know that I am" - in other words 'knowing as being' is a 'way of seeing/awareness'.

In this light (the answer is always in the situation) any direction to see oneself as a 'common man', the be 'more scientific' or to be a 'seeker' is perpetuating the problem because each is based on the false premise that there is something that is lacking... whereas in Truth the only problem is mistaken identity as ignorance of one's true nature (your true nature does not lack anything - there is nothing to become/achieve... self-realization is simply the removal of ignorance such that nothing is added and there is no 'you' who becomes enlightened - it is simply that your true nature knows itself as what it has always been such that 'you' live this understanding).

Thus the answer in this situation is to 'see clearly'... your true nature is seeing/awareness, your bodymind and the entire universe is how it expresses itself (it acts)... and it is naturally intelligent/orderly as it is the source of intelligence itself (please note that the consequence of speaking about it generates a separation that is false because 'speaking about it' is an attempt to make it known, to objectify it, and it is not an object - it is Love and 'Tat Tvam Asi' - You are That).

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