Saturday, July 10, 2010

#Business cannot succeed in a society that fails

Corporate Social Responsibility is dead . Responsible Business is more apt to describe the current picture . And Business cannot succed in a society that fails .
So while we work with the R&D and TECHNOLOGY , lets not forget that we are not going to reinvent . We have to remember what we were made to forget .
We have to relearn it and go closer to nature to eek out a BETTER living and thereby create a BETTER world .

We could testify another very big Multinational Company looking for Technology as the source of real knowledge. “Multinational” that is probably the smallest in this word, is the one that by the opposite, tries to look the way Nature makes/produces/sustains reality and see how funny they can be described “by technical people”. Technology is just a straight forward way to look at things as they already are . There are many other points of view that are Parallaxes. Remember, even Einstein said that the observer makes things adapt to what is being seen.

Half Knowledge has been what we have lived for generations . Einstein struggled to address it in his last days what he referred to as The Unified Theory . TESLA knew it but had hurdles . But now it is published as the new science , link enclosed .

Lets redefine towards new beginnings of rethinking our scientific legacy Please ask whatever you wish to know . You will get all answers about nature and its reality and how we can harness it in being a responsible business . Wishing us all a Happy Evolution . Or rather remembrance of our true nature .

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