Saturday, July 10, 2010

#Future of Competition Lies in Competing for Consciousness

Is India 500 years ahead of the world in consciousness ? Why Japan is always closer to the future with the latest generations of technologies ? Have these questions made you think ever . Atlantis and lemurian civilizations were more technologically advanced to understand nature more . Why do we have to choose and live life of undercapability .
Please think .
How responsible can we be if our version of reality / our basics are not true in the understanding aspect of what in reality is in truth . We will care for the society and nature , only if we understand reality better . Lets create the intellectual capital in the knowledge of nature and its ways of abundance to create better ways of doing business and creating a world where there is plenty for all its inhabitant species .

Agenda 21 calls for global capability building .
Millenium Development Goals are not thorough .

We need to give up mind and apply our Spirit to solve these issues of the Reality World . Come lets rise !!!

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