Friday, July 2, 2010


Your true nature is unthinkable - it is not of the measure of the thinking mind.

Your question and comment assumes a separation that has to be reconciled and this is simply not the case because separation is false - seeing the Truth of this fact is 'knowing as being' (what happens is that the light of Truth dispels the darkness of ignorance).

In this light LIVING YOUR TRUE NATURE --- THE BRAND YOU is not practiced to 'become' what you already are - instead it is a celebration via harmonization - the means and the end of this is breathing (breathing is already happening - 'you' are being breathed - any intellectual attempt to know this is the movement away from it and the source of the appearant separation/mistaken identity - instead allow the mind to relax and see that there is no discontinuity to being when the mind is silent... all that is comes out of and is a manifestation of that silence - you are That - the Source Substance and Sustainer!... said another way, 'I am that by which I know that I am')


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