Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Nature & Jewellery ---- Wither Universality

All the people on this planet and all the things in the entire universe are subjects to the laws of physics. All kinds of unseen forces affect us constantly, like gravity air pressure and other things we can't see. As we go on with our daily lives we can not escape them no matter how hard we try.
However, physics and math go hand in hand and the first cannot exist without the second. They don't call math the universal language for nothing. One of the most interesting and intriguing aspects of mathematics is geometry. Shapes, angles, perimeters, surfaces and everything studied in this field can be found in the surrounding environment.

People in ancient times have shown a keen interest in geometry. A lot of their representations and designs displayed certain shapes that they considered to be symbols of the origin of all things. This part of their beliefs has been depicted as sacred geometry.

All the basic patterns comprised in the sacred geometry were attributed sacred value because if one sought to study their nature and relationship, that person started on a path to gaining some insight on the scientific and mystical laws of the universe.

Some of the usual patterns used in sacred geometry are the Flower of Life, the Seed of Life, the Tree of Life, and others. As you can see most of them have the word 'life' in their names which makes reference to the origins of life. Other symbols that can be included in this belief system do not necessarily have significance related to the birth of life, but to other things on a larger scale.

One of these symbols is the Golden Spiral. This spiral has a very close relationship with the mathematical constant phi, also called the golden ratio or the Golden mean, but also with other shapes like the Fibonacci spiral, with which it is commonly confused.

Obtaining a spiral is easy, you just start and a point and go further and further with a rotating line. However, for a normal spiral to become a Golden Spiral, after each quarter turn, the line has to be further from the origin by a factor of phi.

The significance of phi is considered by many greater than that of pi. Plato considered the first to be 'the key to the physics of the cosmos'. Since we are on the topic of cosmos, our galaxy the Milky Way, is shaped as a Golden Spiral.

Other representations of the Golden Spiral can be found on our planet as well. For instance, the seeds on the head of a sunflower are positioned according to this pattern. Another example is the Nautilus shell, which grows in from of a Golden Spiral.

All the other symbols of sacred geometry can be found in nature. Many cultural or religious values have been attributed to each, and every symbol has been transposed into a piece of jewelry that can improve the life of the wearer.

Just as architecture is as much about the materials as the design and feel, jewellery making with natural remedy formulation is more than just the ingredients. It is about the vibrations that go into it - from the designing till the packaging (even the labels need to carry conscious vibrations & scalar energy into the jewellery products).

Hence jewellery products need to be viewed as messengers of light, a vibrational energy feeling you hold in your hand and pour into the body vessel of skeletal DNA. Our aim is to get your body to resonate in the way it used to when we were children.

When we were all powerful and knew life as an eternal flame. When we could fall down, scrape our skin and not think about how our bodies would heal themselves, because we just knew it would magically repair itself. In other words, can we get to a point where we see our our own illness in a context which is bigger than ourselves?

Believe it or not, we all used to do this - just ask your children. We do in fact control how we heal and repair ourselves. Modern science, through the study of genomics and genetics , has proven that our DNA is a predictor of future events with what we wear and put on our bodies. However, genomics do not take into account one thing - the concept of free will and intention.

Our DNA, contrary to what modern medicine may what us to believe, is not set in stone. It is proven that we can activate and inactivate DNA purely from thought. We just need to be connected to the consciousness that brought us into this earthly realm in the first place. The key is in the vibrations of what we wear and what we think.

Once we can change our vibrations (our thoughts, emotions and environment), our bodies (yes, our DNA) cannot help but follow. When this happens in a good way, we heal. When this happens in a bad way - we get disease such as cancer. Our body is just doing what the vibrations in the cell's environment is directing the DNA to do. When the body is not at ease with the vibrations you are giving it - you are in "dis"-ease. WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE TO HELP YOUR DNA MANIFEST ????????????

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