Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Vibration Polarity --- and our Vibration reality ---

Current branches of quantum physics are now proving ancient texts and beliefs that “we,” and “all else” are part of a universal mind and that “All” in the universe is in constant vibration.

Nothing outside of “All” escapes the law of universal collective consciousness and everything is subject to the principals of mentalism, correspondence, vibration, polarity, rhythm, cause and effect and gender.

Whether it's an atom, person, planet, star or galaxy, “All” has to serve these laws, even on the great Planes of the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

"All force is mind force." Also that “energy is bound up matter and matter is liberated energy.”

Everything that we know is a sympathetic oscillation of mind frequency vibrating in a musical universe.

“All” is a direct result of thought.

There is a universal law of mind force attraction at work throughout the “All” of creation. The ancient belief of “As above so below” and “As below so above” can be translated down to what we think and feel, we attract and manifest. There are countless volumes of meta physical literature now available today based on nature's principal which was originally practiced by the ancient mystery schools, and recently in the last two thousand years, held in occult by the religion and men of the power elite. This universal “mind force” attraction is not a whim of fancy but an absolute truth of certainty. Empires and great nations have been forged from this principal. The top elite class on this planet has ruled over the masses using the law of “mind force” attraction for thousands of years. Like wise industrial giants have all followed this hermetic system in the creation and success of their own enterprises. All religious doctrines have borrowed from the esoteric nature of fundamental law and not surprising, the major religions are different forms of translation from the absolute truth of certainty. Let us now have a closer look at the seven  laws and how they apply to our reality.


The universe as we know it is only a mental construct of the higher omnipresent mind force source of all things. In the religious texts as well as other esoteric religious sources , it was stated that the most high creator dreamt the universe into existence and that billions of years is but the blinking of an eye to the high creator. Everything, including ourselves are interconnected and part of the high creator's dream called the universe. Our individual experiences are recorded and interact into the living mental universe, and since we ourselves are intertwined in the higher dream called the universe, our mental thought is directly involved in creating the unfolding of this dream in the subjective form of reality around each of us individually every day. Quantum science is now proving that the farther you look out into the universe the more infinite it becomes. We are each responsible for creating our own individual universes which then interact and intermix with the other universes that other people create almost like soap bubbles joining in a bathtub. In essence we are living in a Multiverse of mental creation.


The most poplar ancient quote was "Whatever is above is like that which is below, and whatever is below is like that which is above" . This wisdom teaches us there is a correspondence between everything in the multiverse and every action has an opposite equal reaction. Things are in balance and are as infinitely small as well as infinitely large. Everything you do has repercussions on these micro and macro planes and in essence the universe is you. When you look up at the stars you are looking in to yourself on the quantum level. Protoplasm has certain hot spots he labeled Radiogens . These minute areas have incredible likeness to star and galaxy clusters and range in temperature from 3000 to 6000 degrees celsius. It is speculated that these star like sources of energy are a possible explanation of how the body is able to use vast amounts of energy to convert oxygen and sugar to carbon dioxide. Also this tells a lot about infinity at all scales , infinitely big and infinitely small . These star like sources could be the actual stars at some scale down . This is the essence of the quote * Know thyself - and thou shalt know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe." Remember; As above so below.


This principal is the most profound discovery of all time. Everything is in vibration and all things are just frequencies or ratios of vibration. Nothing can exist outside of vibration and all things are subject to the law of Sympathetic Vibration. When playing a piano the listener can easily experience an interesting phenomenon. If you hold one note down without the hammer striking the string, then play a higher or lower identical note say an octave, then the harmonic of the note you didn't play will start to resonate in sympathetic vibration. It is well known that Vibration is the Cause of resonance, which is the effect.


Rhythm is a natural energetic construct of vibrational “mind force”. The phases of the moon dictates not only the regular rhythm of the earth's tides and menstrual cycles, but also the emotional well being of everyone upon this world. The moons perigee and apogee swing our mental states back and forth with pendulum like precision. Like wise the orbits of the planets and their satellites dance to the clockwise precision of rhythm around the sun. Further adding to our states of mind on a more subtle level. It is a common fact that when Mercury is in retrograde, perceptive communication between people breaks down, and also on very strong retrogrades, computers systems crash, traffic lights can go haywire, and anything electromagnetic from satellites to calculators can seem faulty. On a more earthly scale, a master musician can skillfully use the rhythm of music to cause great inflow and outflow of energy through emotion. A thought in the virtuoso pianists mind is interpreted by his brain into a series of electrical impulses instructing his fingers to transfer the energy to a string, which is struck by hammers causing sonic vibrations, which in turn can cause sympathetic resonance in the minds of the audience. All involved is in a complex interplay of vibration energy on all levels. The pianist, the piano, the concert hall, the air and the audience Are all just participants in the rhythmic inflow outflow of universal mind force.


Polarity is a crucial part of mind Force, for it allows the rhythmic inflow, outflow of energy to swing back and forth like a pendulum between two points. Everything in the “All” of the universe has polarity. Positive and negative are varied degrees of the same thing, Just as night and day, good and evil, love and hate, heat and cold are valid examples of polarity. For every action there is an opposite equal reaction to the swing of polarity so you can't have one side outweigh the other. You are only as good as your capacity to hate as strong as your capacity to love.

Cause and Effect

Understanding the principal of cause and effect is crucial to mastering how you travel through the mind force universe. If you understand that there is no such thing as luck or chance, then you are truly on your way to shaping your own personal universe around you. All events are just effects of causes and effects of earlier chains of cause and effect. Your life up until now has been a chain of effects brought about by the causes that brought you to this point in space time Most of the time we unconsciously accept the causes of outside influences which in turn effect us in our path through the mind force universe


There is gender to everything a male and female to the entire universe. We refer to the high creator as father and we call nature mother. These two forces of gender correspond though all things. The male outward, explosive, active force is represented by The alpha upward triangle and the female inward, implosive, creative force is symbolized by the omega downward triangle. The combined gender of direction of force is symbolized by the six pointed hexagram  . The hexagram is also linked with the element earth. We too have both male and female gender in our thought patterns. When you write or paint or play music you tap the female side and when you fight do business or play sports you the male side of thought. By mastering the principal of gender you can unleash the powers of the universe mind force and the laws of attraction in your favor.

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